POS or Citadel?

Hello people !
Even tho there are few posts that talk about this, i did not manage to find an answer for my question …

I am thinking to go back to WH space, after living there a lot , mostly in a C4, but now i am thinking about c3, because all 3 of my my acc-s are Alpha for now… So i am guessing C3 can be done with 2 Alpha accs.

Now, my question is… Is a medium POS or an Astrahus better for a C3, run by 2 , or 3 alpha accounts ?
A large POS would be a bit to hard for me to set up, not having acces to many transport ships…

How are you going to do that? Considering you can only run one alpha account at a time…


Well, this doesnt answer my question at all, but to get over it, i can use 2 computers.

Same thing as multiboxing Alpha accounts, and is not allowed…

Ok, you ringed a bell now and i am worried a bit.
Before i was able to play 3 chars at the same time on my computer, did not realise now its not possible.

You can play multiple accounts on the same computer, or even different computers, as long as they are ALL Omega accounts. You cannot multibox Alpha accounts, even on different computers. You also cannot multibox an Alpha account in conjunction with an Omega account.

yeah, well i would ahve used them on different computers, i even have 2 different networks… But still … THis is a bit of a blow …
Now, to get back at my question… For a single alpha account, what would be better ?

Well, considering that CCP is going to removes POS’s “soon”, I’d go with a citadel.

Any ETA on that removal ?

As usual with CCP, no. It could be sometime this year, it might not be for three years. Who knows. At this point, a POS still has much better defenses than a citadel and is cheaper to run.

Can a Medium POS be safer than a Citadel ? Because that’s what im looking for, logistics for a large POS is to hard for one man ( for me actually… considering i am alpha )

I guess that depends on which citadel. If you were deploying something small like an Astrahaus or Raitaru, then I’d say yes, go with the medium POS. If you were going for one of the bigger citadels, I’d say go with the citadel.

Deciding on which to go with, POS or Structure, depends very much on the purpose you want it to fulfill. A POS however only have one functionality left, which is the so called “DeathStar”. All other functions they may have served have pretty much all been transferred to the Structures: Citadel, Engineering Complex and Refineries. If memory serves me right; there are still 1-2 Structure types yet to be released, so the removal of POS won’t happen until they have been launched (I don’t think so, anyway).

So to look at your options:

  • With a POS, the following activities are still possible:

    • Running anomalies for blue loot as well as salvage
    • Running Data/Relic sites
    • PI (Planetary Interaction)
    • Limited storage capabilities (probably not a concern)
    • Offer good passive defense of BOO (Base of Operations)
  • With Citadel/Engineering Complex

    • Running anomalies for blue loot as well as salvage
    • Running Data/Relic sites
    • PI (Planetary Interaction)
    • Research/Invention (EC)
    • Production (EC)
    • Mining - requires “Reprocessing Plant” to enable compression of ore.
    • Unlimited storage capabilities

Hope this helps you out a little :grin:

Thank you both for your advice.
I already set up a medium POS in a C3, I am looking mostly for Anomalies ( blue loot and salvage ) …

Wait… what do you mean? How can you do this with a pos?

Do you understand the concept of a POS (Player Owned Starbase)?

Yes… it was an honest question

Edit: You mean, using it as a base to run sites in a wormhole, not running the sites with the actual pos… i see that now.

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