The "ChangeWhen?" Thread for J-Space

(Claevyan) #1

This thread is for all those comments that cause us to say THIS CHANGE WHEN?! as we travel through and live in wormholes.

example: #AllianceBookmarksWhen?!

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(Averon Kruger) #4


I mean, please have an decent Mini POS or something so people will have a hard time, moving in an WH and all others will ultraspam Raitarus everywhere just for farming a few days…please, give us an Replacement for the old POS Idea, before they are gone.

(michaeltward) #5

Small Citadels don’t exist yet let us hope they keep what is needed in mind.

(Sequester Risalo) #6

Don’t know if trolling or serious. But I don’t think small citadels are in the works. If you can’t afford a citadel, use a depot.

Also I don’t quite understand your reasoning. Do you consider setting up shop too hard so you would need a small POS or do you consider it too easy because everyone can ultraspam raitarus?

(Malsandar Boirelle) #7

There is it xD