Possible Sale/Price Checks

I am coming back to the game after 4 years or so off, and I am considering liquidating or trading one or both of these characters. Though, frankly the price for Karlemgne would have to be very high given my sentimental attachment to him.

Character: Karlemgne
Character: Commander Amanda

Both characters have positive wallets, positive sec status, and are located currently in Emolgranlan. \


Karlemgne: 96 million SP

-100% combat trained
-HAC 5
-Command Ships 5
-Recon Ships 5
-Logistics Ships 5
-Gallente + Minmitar frigate, cruiser, battlecruiser, and battleship V
-All Gallente and Minmatar Strategic Cruiser sub-system skills V
-Perfect gunnery skills
-Perfect Missile Skills
-Near perfect sub-cap shield skills
-Perfect subcap armor skills
-Perfect Navigation skills
-Gallente Carrier V
-Gallente Dread V
-Jump Drive Calibration V
-Fighters V
-High Grade Slaves
-Mid-grade Crystals

And more

Commander Amanda: 46 Million XP
-100% combat trained and Amarr only specialized
-Amarr frigate, cruisers, battlecruiser, and battleship V
-HAC 5
-Recon V
-High Grade Slaves

Updated the information here,.

Happy to offer the following:

66b for Karl
30b for Amanda
96b for both

Thanks for the offers, after looking around a bit I think that both characters are worth slightly more than your offering. And Karl, being my first character (and my current main), would have to have an offer significantly higher than 66b.

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