Possible To Play Eve Online On Windows 7


I understand CCP have recently discontinued support for Windows 7 and Windows 8, however, I was wondering if there is any workaround to allow players to access Eve Online running Windows 7?


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It is no longer supported and thank you for making this thread on GD here to day!

/p.s you knew about this Estrellita Luz 13 days ago hense the reason for thanking you above =))

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Well, I’ve installed it on Windows 10 (dual-boot), but I thought someone with some more tech know how may have found a way to access the game on Windows 7.

Were you running the game on 7 or 8?

I am searching for you, hold tight.

/Currently even the main support page has been updated on the 7th

One thing is rather interesting is that it was planned for the 7th which is such an appropriate date for the cutoff.
(sorry word salid)

If I understand correctly, even if you create a Portable Client, it still has to run under an OS environment, which in this case would presumably be Windows 10 as a minimum?

I could only imagine that the .exe file was changed so even if opening it up on some console would result in error.

Somewhere back in 2016 it went launcher only.

i think your putting the forums at risk by mentioning windows 7

remember kids it’s all about security

list of companies hacked / data breached just to long

Not sure about Windows 7 but I do wonder if they might have more subscribers if they made this game available on the major consoles. I watch my son play a certain popular shooter on a PS4 and PS5 with a mouse and keyboard plugged into the console.

No but you can play it on linux. :mindblown: :penguin:
Using Steam of course.

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