Possible virus/malware in Wine components of Eve for mac

During updates yesterday, the AVG antivirus triggered on 27 files in the Wine binaries downloaded with Eve for Mac.

Doublehecking, today I deleted Steam and Eve, made sure everything was clean, reinstalled Steam, and installed Eve from Steam. AVG alerted on the same files, reporting several different malware components.

Anybody else seeing this, or does Steam just hate me?

Use Avast! not AVG. :wink:

Might just be false positives. if so nothing really to worry about.


Post results.

While this is on 99% false positive, there is always way to attack someone network and force to download wrong files. Better to double check than ignore.

I see the same thing with Norton. The only reason I installed Norton is because Xfinity has been sending me emails claiming I’ve got a bot on my network. I don’t have any Windows machines, so I’m suspicious that it’s a false alarm, but the wine files getting tagged has me curious… I’ll give it a few days and see if I get anymore emails from Comcast…

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I get similar results with my antivirus.

I have the same issue, with a McAffee Virus Scan!
Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

I only installed eve for OS X in the last month. have run a Bitdefender scan today and found, yes, heap of trojans. Any news from CCP about this?

Same here, and files were deleted/quarantined… which made reloading the game an issue because as soon as av turned on treated files the same again. When I submitted a ticket I was advise it was a false positive and I should let vendor know.

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