Possible virus detected in Launcher?

I have updated the EVE Launcher with the new Evolved Beta Launcher. It was working fine for a couple of day, then all of a sudden today, when I start the launcher, my antivirus software “Bitdefender” detected this possible virus: Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.4.hy4@aW!!l3oi and I couldn’t start the game.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I had to uninstall EVE client and did a system scan to remove that infection. Gone back to the original EVE client … seemed to be ok now.

There was no virus, it was a false positive, sometimes these things happen with any antivirus. If the source from where you downloaded the program or file is a trusted one, nothing will happen… add the program to the exceptions list and that’s it. Probably some part of the launcher code is similar to a known virus, but your computer is clean.