Possible virus detected in Launcher?

I have updated the EVE Launcher with the new Evolved Beta Launcher. It was working fine for a couple of day, then all of a sudden today, when I start the launcher, my antivirus software “Bitdefender” detected this possible virus: Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.4.hy4@aW!!l3oi and I couldn’t start the game.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I had to uninstall EVE client and did a system scan to remove that infection. Gone back to the original EVE client … seemed to be ok now.

There was no virus, it was a false positive, sometimes these things happen with any antivirus. If the source from where you downloaded the program or file is a trusted one, nothing will happen… add the program to the exceptions list and that’s it. Probably some part of the launcher code is similar to a known virus, but your computer is clean.

So CCP never makes mistakes and accidentally includes malware in their patches?

Antivirus software exists and warns for a reason, and while false positives do happen, and most detections in files from the EVE client are indeed false positives, false positives are rare, and it is CCP’s responsibility to avoid them, so people can play EVE without having to turn off antivirus or risking their systems getting infected by actual malware.

If you search on the forums, you will find at least one post by a dev where they promised they will reach out to the specific antivirus vendor whose software detected the false positive (in that case AVG). QA testing patches with at least Windows Defender should be a minimum requirement (and it can be automated), and there have been at least 2 incidents where Windows Defender reacted to a file in the EVE client.

Since this is currently happening again, can we get a statement from CCP on this?

This is Windows Defender, from today’s patch. More information can be provided if necessary, but if any potentially sensitive data is needed, then I will open a support ticket.

It seems im not alone.
I also encountered this today,
Same Trojan , same file …

I also got the same thing. what is the work around?

My flag happened AFTER i patched my launcher while i was running 1 client and tried to start another…
Could we get someone from CCP to look into this?

Bumb have friend whit same problem that cannot log in, still waiting for solution

Hi all - See Eve files are incorrectly flagged by Windows Defender - 2023/06/16 for more information.

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