Eve files are incorrectly flagged by Windows Defender - 2023/06/16

Hello everyone,

We’ve had multiple tickets submitted over the last hour and we’ve become aware that old versions of Windows Defender are incorrectly flagging EVE files as a Trojan and quarantining them. The files seem to no longer flag as problematic as of update 1.391.1678.0 (from 16.06.2023 @ 21:48:23).

We are raising the issue with Microsoft, but if you are encountering this issue, we recommend you update your Windows Defender Signatures to resolve the problem.

To do this:

  • Search in Windows search for “Virus and Threat protection”
  • Under “Virus & threat protection updates” click “Check for Updates”
  • Click “Check for Updates”

I will update this thread when new information becomes available.


Manually running Windows Update should also update Windows Defender definitions and any other updates that may be causing problems

For reference, the VirusTotal link for the file reported: VirusTotal. No engines there detect anything and we are unable to reproduce this using Microsoft Defender with the latest signatures as of this evening.


Yes, but that doesn’t always work - possibly there is some delay before Windows Update starts delivering them. I had the next-to-last signatures on my desktop from earlier today and Windows Update did not update them this evening. Using the instructions in the original post then they were updated.


can confirm
eve online - trojan :laughing:

Present your findings, Mr Bout. :slight_smile:

False positives & sorry for dragging @Uriel_the_Flame into this.

No problem. Btw I was just replying to your post so now that you’ve edited it I’ve removed mine too.

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I guess it is a “good thing” I don’t use Windows Defender.

Not necessarily. If some other (less used) AV engine detects a false positive, it might take considerably longer until the issue is resolved. But that’s your choice, of course.

For a moment I though you were talking about eve-files :wink: I’m glad it wasn’t so.


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