.exe file blocked for containing virus

This morning after patching eve at downtime caused my anti virus to throw up a window.
I guess my exe file contained some type of virus and now I can’t log into the game.
I am now unable to log in and I’m getting an Error.
This is the first time I have ever seen this and the first time my virus protection blocked EvE.
Am I the only one that got this or is this working as intended?

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I certainly didn’t get it, with Malwarebytes.

You should be able to create an ‘Exception’ in your AV software, allowing EVE to start up normally.

Me neither.

Im also stealing this


And I’m back with a fresh reinstall.
Welcome to EvE where you have to learn how to flash your motherboard and reinstall windows every month to stay competitive.

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Hello @CCP_Swift ,

Same fight ! After the update of this day 15/11/2022, here is Windows 11 22H2 and Norton 360 security panicking:

Are you familiar with the latest cybersecurity protocols at CCP?
Can you correct this please?

Ully Loom

There prices are the new virus

It’s a false positive. Just be glad your boot.ini file is still intact.

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Does this mean I shouldn’t apply for the partnership program?
And now I get another launcher upate and the same thing…

Threat Blocked

We’ve blocked QtWebEngineProcess.exe because it was infected with IDP.Generic.

OK !

After installing the new CCP launcher that was just suggested to me when trying to launch the app again, the issue seems to be resolved.

Thanks !

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You know your winning EvE when they start disabling ports on your motherboard and sending you virus’s through the launcher.

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you’re card get fined over 1,000 dollars for one plex

I experienced a similar issue a couple of years ago…

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