New launcher - broken or trojan?

So today my antivirus marked the launcher app as trojan, placed it to quarantine. I checked the whole PC for a few hours via multiple tools and it seems to be clean. To my surprise after uninstall I am unable to download Eve. I can download the launcher but after it opens it dies in 2 seconds…

Is this something done by todays update?

Antivirus software is trash.


The .ini or .exe file was blocked and put into quarantine by your antivirus. Remove those files from quarantine and mark it/them as safe.


Personally I’d make sure they’re the legitimate versions before marking them as safe.


Yah, Lucas is totally right, Russian malware might have been inserted via the Jordanian virus, as part of a conspiracy to insert a fake eve .exe unto your hard drive.

Yeah, either that or other malware on the system has allowed someone to drop a modified launcher in place of the real one. It’s unlikely but it’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to security.

Either that or the antivirus is just picking up a common ‘false flag’, and its an utter waste of time to even bother investigating further.


Guys, I am a Certified Computer Doctor, and I have figured it all out! CCP is now mining cryptocurrency on our machines! It’s true! I did some sleuthing around in my Windows-brand operating system, and found a “cryptopp.dll” file right inside the EVE launcher folder! And it’s a fresh file that was created today, when the patch was released! This also explains why my CPU usage shoots up considerably when I launch an EVE client, and why anti-virus programs think that EVE is a malicious program!

This makes a lot of sense. With the player count plummeting as it is because CCP has implemented scarcity and drove all of the hard-working, honest space citizens away from their employment simulator, they must be getting hit hard in the pocketbook. So it totally makes sense that CCP would try to earn money on the side by making our computers mine dog coins or whatever it is the teenagers are into these days.

As a Certified Internet Attorney, I recommend that we launch a class-action lawsuit against CCP immediately to collect on damages done to our computers by overloading our cooling fans with extra work, and any additional electricity expenses we have incurred from their crypto-mining malware!


Confirmed. There is also cares.dll, a griefing script which records any complaints for ‘salt collection purposes’, concrt140.dll which auto-subscribes you to updates about the Austin Jazz Festivial, and a compiler for Doom 3.



launcher stole my car

Something was changed in the launcher. The newest one doesn’t work on a lot of Linux machines. CCP must think you are using Linux and tried to wipe you out with the rest of us.

There is hope however. You can simply use an older launcher while cancelling the update every time you start the launcher. They give you 30 seconds to stop the countdown to doom. Odd that the game runs fine but playing is blocked because of launcher issues.

Also i will add im here in the usa i seen that i shut off allow vpn over metered networks came back to the window and it was back on i did an online image clean up it said it fixed it, it did not so i ran it again and looked at tje log it shows me that they have taken and made dule ownership of my onedrive , my updates , my drivers, and my security, this is a HUGE data theft , no being in a vpn that you chose not to be in is not more secured its routing all your information through them if you play eve on line at work oh boy ! … i had to reset my computer 3 times in a row to get the malware out they hid it well only really visible as a program called " o " that i only found reference to in the allow an app or feature throught tne firewall so this goes beyond cripto mining this is set up to steal intellectual property or anything that maybe linked into the onedrive of the infected system … note to the programmers that have done this … if you dont know what … is… your about to, enjoy the investigation, and stock up on the butter you dont want to take this one dry, i save all the evidence to a secondary drive and disconnected it so these nothing you can do it hide this now

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I found more then that how do i contact you

The Eve Launcher just literally walked into the kitchen and took my last beer.

So, being an American I did the only thing that comes naturally. I shot it with the largest gun I can legally buy, dragged it into the woods, and buried it in a shallow ditch.

There’s a lesson here. The Eve launcher is an alcoholic ■■■■■ that is willing to risk cannon fire for your last beer.

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