Todays Patch has a IDP.Generic Trojan built into it which tracks PC movments on screen and tab outs

My AVG Anti-Virus detected it and now my client will not show the play buttons for some time and when I hit play it says there is an unexpected resource error and can not load index. I have let the virus take one over my old PC’s to test the bug and if you don’t delete the virus you can play the game. Does CCP plan to fix there tracking system on us quickly or is this backdoor to our personal PC’s a forever thing…?

@Demortis can you share a screenshot of the exact alert your getting? Otherwise would recommend opening a Support Case directly to troubleshoot.

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For sure I can do but for now it’s clearly popping up if you have anti virus on before you turn on eve it pops up right away and quarantines it. After that your client will not run so that’s where I am at.

Yes, can you share the popup your getting so it shows more information about the alert? It’s not showing for me.

Hi Demortis

If you can provide a screenshot / file information of the quarantine, we will look into this. However in past cases, it has been the anti-virus vendor detecting a false positive, via a heuristic scanning approach.

We of course take these cases extremely seriously and we’ll look into it as soon as we have further information on the specific file causing an issue.

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It only started happening after this mornings update in loader and it gives errors after quarantined. Client will not load and laucher takes a few extra minutes to load the play button but won’t loadup.

Thanks I’ve passed this along internally, for follow up directly, please open a Support Case with this information.

I’m not seeing this myself, nor when I test it on VirusTotal.

Thank you for the reply.

I’ve checked the file on Virus Total, which tests the file against many different AV vendors. It is showing as clean: VirusTotal

I am reaching out to AVG about this issue to see if they can help on their side. This is part of their “Behavior Shield” defense, which tries to figure out what things a virus may do, and preemptively stop them. A good indication is that it is a “Generic” and not a specific match to a known virus.

Unfortunately it is more common than we would like that some anti-virus packages get tripped up by our frequent patching, along with capturing input (so we know what keys you have pressed to play the game :slight_smile: ).

I will let you know if I hear anything back from AVG. In the meantime, all I can suggest is to make sure you’re running the latest signatures for your AV, as these will often get updated many times a day and will include fixes.

Best regards

Ok yea I have no idea I am no expert but what i can say is AVG does not like it and there intel about this IDP thing is a password and banking info stealer and I am like nope not doing on the main pc it can sit there for now and do nothing lol. Hope it is all good next patch but no idea myself :slight_smile: Will put in ticket now.

Hi there

I’ve heard from AVG today, and they have confirmed they have whitelisted the file. They say it make take up to 24h to take full effect. Please keep your product up to date, and hopefully it should just start working when you get the updates from AVG, if it is not already.

Many thanks!

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