I just updated Eve HQ and I had a Windows Defender alert: http://prntscr.com/hrw7t6
I hope that it’s just Windows messing things up but just in case it isn’t be careful.

Did you have any alert after last update ? What antivirus do you run ?

It gave me the same warning, but when I’ve originally downloaded it some time ago I didn’t had this warning. Unfortunatelly I don’t have the binary anymore to compare the MD5s.
You can download a previous version for now from https://evehq.co/files/
2.31.10 didn’t gave me any warnings.

I also has AVG report a virus.

downloaded it and microsoft antivirus reported it as a virus.

Hi there,

We has several false positive on previous releases until antiviruses consider the file safe to use. So far it was only suspicions that have been canceled once the file has been downloaded enough.

I’ll take a look anyway. Feel free to provide more information or details on our forums at evehq.co

Namaste boys and girls!
I’ve downloaded the setup package and verified it with Kaspersky Total Security with the most resent bases. It’s clean. So it is a false positive.

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