Possible warning to Dread Pirate runners -

Something that just happened to me right after downtime that you all should be on the lookout for -

Scarlet fled the 2nd pocket as usual, but she was NOT present in the third pocket. She instead fled directly to the final pocket, and when I blapped her, there was no implant drop.

If any of you mission runners get this mission today, would you mind reporting in if you see this same behavior? Thanks.

Apologies - got this mission a second time, and all was normal.

Perhaps the delay timer to cause her to bolt if you don’t destroy her started before I landed or something.

Maybe it was an offshoot bug.

there is a third pocket ?

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I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. I’m aware you can blap her with a long-range fit in the second pocket, but I’ve never tried it so I don’t know if that completes the mission.

I do know that in the third pocket there’s an extra 9 million from an implant drop that’s easy to quickly tractor in and then warp out. I’ve found this extra value to be worth it in the long run, so long as you have 20+ of the implants that you take at one time to market to sell.

that completes the mission. Also drops a 8M implant (social adaptation chip basic) on anire.

Where’s the implant in the third room ? When I kill anire in it, it does not drop.

Ah, I think you and I might be using different terminology. (I might be using incorrect words.)

I always considered the location I land for Dread Pirate to be the first pocket / room. The second room is what I call the location where she insta-disappears if you don’t have enough DPS to blap her in one shot. The third room is what I call the place where you can take her out, but must do so quickly, and when you do, she is anywhere from 20-30km away.

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yeah, I usually use "room"or “pocket” when the grid is gated. So the place you land in (with the merchants) is not a room ; it’s just that you land far away from the gate.

That’s because many missions don’t have rats on the entrance gate. so the mission “starts” once you take first gate.

yesterday, the second room had not scarlett. Had to go to the third to pay her a visit. I was sad, and tired, I left as soon as she showed a lack of interest.

Sometimes when you warp into the mission youll warp through the 2nd or 3rd rooms. This causes the spawn timers to trigger and youll miss her. This happens mostly with the 3rd room where you get the implant.

If this was your case then thats it. If not might be something else.


did not check it. It already happend like 6 months ago, I files a ticket

You don’t need to blap her to get the implant if you use a warp disruptor on her. If you have a T2 disruptor, you might have to overheat since she might disappear by the time you get within 24 km of her, even if you don’t shoot her.

you can’t blap her if she is not here.

Her ghost will haunt you all!

as she comes back every time, I guess she is a capsuleer, as well as zor.

So multiple ghosts!

I just happened to warp through a room, receiving a message form anire, but she was present on both places where I usually meet with her.

From what I can tell if you warp through the second room its fine as she doesnt run away until you engage her in that room, but if it was the 3rd room that has a timer on it and you usually miss her.
The pop up message is usually quite fast but it gives you a clue as to which room you warped through.

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