Pirats already present on the "cargo delivery" mission

(guigui lechat) #1

I accept a mission “cargo delivery”, then warp in in my interceptor. Pirats are already here. I burn to the can, scoop it and other rats appear.

Seems like additionnal rats were present on spawn ?

(Buoytender Bob) #2

Depending on npc faction you go against, the pirates may be already present when you warp in and then spawns a second wave on item pickup from the storage area. The other version adds 2 waves only after the item is picked up. This appears to be completely dependent on pirate faction faced, there are not 2 versions of this mission for each faction.
Now if you are claiming,instead,
that there were capsuleers already there when you warped in, then I have no idea since I have never seen this happen before.

(guigui lechat) #3

I’m not claiming anything, just stated something intriguing.
Your answer stating that there are versions with rats already here answers me.