Post your candidate for retirement here and why

Yes, just like the tech2 - a small fast one, and a larger slow one.

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how about a CCP Falcon retirement party ? I’m sure he don’t mind buying all the booze :rofl:

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I was anticipating Hoarder and Kyros being nominated and agree with both.

Miasmos I definitely disagree with. It is far too useful for transferring moon ore and ice out of low sec. At 61,000 m3 max cargo it really is a work horse for me plus there is nothing amongst regular T1 industrials that can effectively replace it. On those extremely rare occasions I have had access to compression it can amove a decent volume of glare crust, cheaply. The only other option out of low sec is a porpoise, which has has only marginal greater capacity, costs a lot more and gets much more attention. Fitting a cloaky warp plus three warp cores to miasmos also greatly increases its utility and trades-off its lack of EHP.

Epithal I know anything about. However, given it is probably the most common industrial I see in low sec, by far, it is almost certainly being used by PI pilots in a similar way?

I can’t speak for lowsec or any part of known space, but I do see a lot of Epithals in wormholes. The cargohold of this ship for PI products is just way too good to pass over, even more when you have to feed an entire production line on planetary ground.

Without it, people would be left with a clumsy, way more expensive Deep Space Transport ships which would require nearly Transport Ships V to reach the same cargohold as an Epithal (with good Gallente Industrial skills at least).

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Gilas. I would like to see a Gila free hisec. If for no other reason than being sick of seeing…


… on scan.


Kryos is useful to transport minerals from refinery to production facilities.

Hoarder i do agree with.

Miasmos is hit’n’miss - it can be seen obsolete IF npc stations offered compression. Currently it is a very useful ship for new-ish players and alphas.

You do know that not everyone in this game wants to cross train into another Factions ship line, right?

That’s why I said the specific item classification placed on the Cargo Bays of those T1 Industrial ships should never have been implemented.

The bonus and attributes for each Factions Tech 1 Industrial ship line can be easily coded to be more equal without the item cargohold designations.

You’ll see a lot of Epithals in LowSec/WormHole space because they are the perfect PI hauler. A large PI product bay, they’re nimble, and they have four lows for istabs and wstabs. They’re also very cheap (at about 1-1.5mil) so one PI run even in HiSec pays for several of them.


  • Small, fast, “commodity hauler” - with a general commodity bay for ore, ice, PI, gas, etc. Can’t haul anything else except raw resources.
  • Large, slower hauler, which can haul anything and has a large “general goods” bay.

I think that would strike a good balance.


I’d like to warp around naked with a thick layer of slime all around me!

I mean, look at me!.. LOOK AT ME!

On that thought… Happy weekend, fellas!

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Base skills
Spaceship Command

Pretty much kills all of EVE. No advance ships, no newbie ships, no ability to do anything, and all you got is a pod to undock with. EVE is (d̵y̵i̵n̵g̵) dead ?

While I do agree with you, there are still the people that want a bit more flexibility in what they want to do…

And being able to use different industrialist ships do come with different capabilities.

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