Potential isk sink?

For any wallet transaction in or out , apply an alpha clone surcharge (with a warning of course) of 15% to all transactions once a daily gross wallet transaction amount reaches 150m isk.

For any contract or citadel delivery, a 15% alpha clone surcharge on the estimated value of the items, within the 150m isk limits.

Why? To discourage omega players from using alpha farms for anything.

An alpha should never be transacting more than 150m isk in a day, and if they are, they can break it out over a couple days or eat the fees as a cost of playing for free.

If alpha’s are almost never transacting more than 150m ISK/day, how much ISK is this tax really going to sink from the economy?

and remember the taxes for NPC non apply with less than 100,000 isk

Immediate problem with this, you’ve basically just raised the price of PLEX by 15% for all Alpha Clone players, which is the number one reason I can think one would spend far more than 150m at once. Never mind the number of older players who lapsed to Alpha and may want to move around or give away assets.

No, IMO this isn’t needed and there are too many places this would cause problems or pain for legitimate player activities.

If Alphas are actively being used as farms CCP can make adjustments to those specific cases. Something blanket like this is just going to cause problems for legitimate players.

The target isn’t actual alpha newbros. The target is alpha farms.

Exempt plex then. This would need to be new logic added to transaction fees regardless, so such an exemption would be very simple to add during initial implementation.

Perhaps in the case of a courier contract, simply 15% on the reward (collateral payout would end up being a wallet transaction if they decided to courier fraud it). Would make the movement of assets pretty painless, as in most cases rewards are far less than 150m isk. As an alpha they can only have 1 contract anyways, so it doesn’t seem that bad.

If they’ve decided to let the pilot lapse and make a new pilot their main, they would certainly have the chance to move those assets before they lapse.

If I lapse though, and decide I’m quitting eve and give away all my stuff, do I really care about an extra tax? Sure I wanna help out my buddies (not really, but we’ll pretend I do) but if I’m quitting, how much would I really care?

Three VNIs is also about 180m, if an Alpha is doing any kind of exploration or other activity that involves Deadspace loot they can easily move more than 150m in one transaction as well.

PLEX was one example, there are plenty more cases, and if you exempt enough cases to make this painless for the legitimate players then you’ve made it ridiculously easy to circumvent as any kind of prevention mechanism for the kind of behavior you’re actually targeting.

You’re assuming the lapse was intentional and planned and they had the chance to move the assets before hand. Someone coming back to the game selling assets to buy a PLEX wouldn’t have that advantage. Neither would anyone whose account lapsed on a vacation or due to actual inactivity who now wants to give away their assets without spending a bil+ on a PLEX to sub just so they can give their stuff away.

It’s still a legitimate case and frustrating for all involved.

In comparison you’re trying to stop, what? VNI farms or something? In theory you can’t even run more than one Alpha at the same time and I can’t think of any activity Alphas can actually do that earns anything substantial while logged off, so anyone you’re targeting with this is already circumventing a rule and will pretty happily get around this one too.

For example you’ve exempted PLEX. Now if I want to transfer my ISK with no tax I just buy PLEX off the market and jet-can or trade it in station or whatever. Something that doesn’t or can’t reasonably have a tax applied to it.

I am curious, what do you think they are farming? With the ‘one connection’ limitation, I would think that they are pretty well neutered for multiplexing something in order to farm it. Is there something that was missed in the original design that people can efficiently exploit alphas to make ISK with, or are you insinuating there is wide-spread cheating going on and people evading the ‘one connection’ restriction?

Evading the restriction is a simple matter - spin up virtual workstations, voila. CCP can’t restrict by IP address because if you’re in something like a multi-family dwelling, it’s entirely feasible to believe that you might have people who decided to try the game together.

I suspect my biggest concern is ghost training; I know that CCP has taken measures to stop it already, but the best defense is a good offense.

I’ll concede that my suggestion is too broad.

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Don’t they already suffer more tax from poor trade and social skills?

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A good sink would still be the LP store because the prices will stay the same, no matter how much (insert your own market bots here) they want it to change.

There is also, I believe, an Alpha-specific tax on manufacturing.

In recent years there have been lots of new isk sink hols introduced by ccp .
Monthly bills for owning system and the upgrates in it , higher tax to research bpo’s.
I read everywhere the bounty payout needs to go down , bounty’s in incursion is to high.
Rorq mining too much ore , …
But nowhere I read "It’s ccp own fault "
First year i played i was happy when i had 5 à 10 mil / h mining , missions , …
It was not that the bounty’s were less but just my skills were so low .
you needed to be online when your skill was done to start a new one so skilling was slower
you had learning skills to skill faster so furst 6 months you switched between skills to play and skills to skill faster oo and not forget the impland skill
CCP wanted more new players so gone learning skills and poof every character had perfectskilling time.
Next traingin Queue of 24h now queue of 50 skills.
Afther 1 year i had 3 accounts making 3bil a hour.
It’s normal the more older well-focused skilld players in the game the more isk produced /hour in game.
And then skill injectors came :scream:
Next Plex : 7 years ago price of 1 plex 200 à 250 mil isk (500 new plex )
Now with the new plex you can buy more items and the isk cost of buying a skin,skill extractor, … is greatly reduced .
For the change you needed minimum 1 bil to buy a plex that you needed to convert to aurm so you could buy a skin , skill extraxtor , …
So more demand for quantities causes higher plex prices
But since the change in plex you can buy more plex with real money.
old = 499.99 euro for 28 old plex
now = 489.99 à 499.99 euro for 15.400 new plex = 30,8 old plex
So characters with much faster perfect skills to making more isk/h is not one of the problems for too much isk in EVE ? :sushing_face:

It is the year 2018 and a game called tita- erm EVE Online allows all new players to fly Estamel’s Modified Leviathan…

“Join rip-off- errm EVE today and fly your titan now!!!1111eleven”

CCP should reduce drop rate of pirate faction ships and dead space loot again. Faction loot is fine to be cheap so it could be affordable by alphas while they working on skill path. Applying 15% of fees to take alfas won’t stop using them and you know that.

I see no reason to add another ISK sink. I see no reason to add a penalty to having an alpha account.

Teckos’ Development Rule: Do not punish those not causing the problem.

If an alpha player is not farming SP or whatever and is using his alpha account legitimately he should in absolutely no way be punished for those “abusing” alpha accounts.

Sorry Old Pervert, I usually agree with you…but not in this instance.

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