Potential proposal for faxes

well i know this is probably a silly idea, but the thought was along the lines with the logistics ships for Amarr and caldari

considering they get bonuses to capacitor transfer, what if faxes, (specifically the apostle and minokawa) had a role bonus where they can use/recieve capacitor while in triage, (just cap transfer) to keep with the logistics idea these races have for their Logi cruisers, (guardians and basis) how they have a cap transfer bonus.

Just a thought.

constructive feedback would be appreciated



It would make them overpowered as hell, especially in wormholes. CCP made it on purpose so that they cannot be repaired or given cap when triaged.

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i dont think he means it like just give them that role, obviously it would need balancing so it wouldnt break the game. eg being able to do it but restricted values

maybe reduced cap transfer rates, so that they still have to choose outgoing reps or local reps, not both

It would still break them, especially in wormhole-space. CCP balanced FAXes to be without any external cap or repair, that is why they have such strong defences and good capacitor amount/regen. If you add remote cap into it, they would be unkillable, even more so in wormhole-space.

CCP doesn’t want another pantheon-setup to live ever again.

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FAXes are 5 minute priests because of terrible cap. Something has to be done to address the viability of them in fights that last more than 5 minutes.

They also nearly unkillable, and you are saying a ship that can just decide if someone cannot die or not, as itself cannot die, she be able to “just be unkillable forever for balance? Reasons”

Its an awful idea, there shouldnt be weaklessless ships

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