Practices interrupted on Singularity

So, as I understand, this is the official way to report people who interrupted several AT practices this Sunday (14/08/2022). Pilots Krimmins, Krim Legion 1, Krim Legion 2, Krim Legion 3, and Krim Legion 4 (Phobos and 4x Thanatos, probably one real person) warped to our arena and ruined the practice. Screenshot attached. As far as I know, you can only interact with other players on SiSi if they agreed, and we were obviously not.

I have a video of this fight, can attach it as well if needed.

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A clip from our side: Practice Hotdrop Muted - YouTube

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The GSF AT team also had a practice interrupted by this random nerd on August 14, in our case he was in a Rapier with the carriers.
He probed down our practice grid, shot some of our guys when he landed, and when we left the grid so you (CCP) can’t accuse us of consensual PvP, he proceeded to kill all our MJD beacons:

Please banhammer appropriately.

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Submit a bug report via F12 on SiSi.

There are no “teams” that monitor the test server, but if you submit a bug report someone will get to it

Also its never been confirmed by ccp straight up, but the non consensual pvp only counte during mass tests.

Also its never been confirmed by ccp straight up, but the non consensual pvp only counte during mass tests.

Do you have any source for this claim? I’ve reported people for non-consensual PvP in the past and they’ve been removed from the server. CCP only occasionally or inconsistently enforcing the test server rules would not exactly be a new development, but according to the written and published rules what Krimms is doing is very plainly worthy of a ban.

I apologize, I believed the non-con rules only applied during mass testing. I got banned :stuck_out_tongue: so you won’t have to deal with me anymore.

Okay ccp whens the last time you carred about rules your going to ban krimmins but not ban anybody else this is ■■■■■■■■ as you guys probley have ccp pets and all that ccp has never banned anybody for doing that till just now so what the gonna let the others go unpunished because you crybabys lost a few 100isk ships and go cry to your ccp friends as far as i know ccp isnt allowed to do anything to benfit other players because they want it.

Wrong. At any time.

General rules

  1. No interfering with CCP, volunteer or player testing.
  2. Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8).

Continuing the discussion from No consent given to destroy test structures in space outside accepted pvp systems:

yea so now krimmins is banned for something ccp has never done they never ban people for doing it ive seen a whoel group take down tq structures try and kill a palitine keep out of m-o because someone place it outside and have seen supercaps killed outside of m-o it is not fair one gets banned and not all

I guess AT has special privileges…

Yes but these thing dont really matter since this is a test server. AT is actually an event just like mass test are events and will get you the ire of CCP.

Who cares if people loose their crap outside of these events or mass test.

Correct. AT is a CCP event that has special privileges. Please get out from under a rock. You also realize that at the end of the AT the winner is given prizes from CCP…

It was practice but i guess that makes sence but still stupid how since it was only just practice many people come here to test and practice stuff why should som random at practice be any diffrent from people practicing radom things they they also get dropped on

Someone said […]

vs the official CCP rules laid out in clear.
I’ll go with the official rules instead of “someone said”, thank you.

The rules for Singularity are clear: nonconsensual PvP outside of M-OE is strictly forbidden.

The punishment for this is a ban from the Singularity server. Trying to evade these bans to escalate may include a ban on Tranquility, as well. Spying is fine, but disrupting practice by killing ships or shooting others is strictly forbidden.

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If that rule is in effect and is actually enforced, how or where are we supposed to report offenders?

Another sisi forum post is probably not the way?
Is F12 → Bug report preferred?

Yes f12 bug report on sisi is how to report stuff like this

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