No consent given to destroy test structures in space outside accepted pvp systems

Evening. I was under the impression that on the singularity test server we only allowed to pvp in specific systems ccp states to be acceptable, the rest of the systems can either be pve combat testing, or structure testing like trying to see how gates work and get them to work. But unfortunately it seems they use the same time frames as the live server. But now I have someone on singularity flying around in their Nyx super carrier destroying the gate, citadels, sov structures I’m trying to build up the times of 7 days and 35 days and more to test gates to see how their mechanics work and how or what affects them and everything that goes with it, but instead this character is blowing it all up. Can you please assist with this. I know we have setup sov, but that’s the only way we can get some of the items we trying to test, to work.

Aggressing Pilot: nomack nimuath
Aggressing Pilot’s Corporation: ncc1

This is on the singularity server. If i placed it in the pvp accepted combat systems ccp designates, then i would agree that this is ok, but its not, unless the entire test server is now pvp permitted?

its been unofficially confirmed that the test server rules mainly pertain to when a mass test is being done.

what you can do however, is submit a bug report (F12 in game) on the test server to report what is going on.

submitting a bug report is how you report players etc. SiSi


Okay, odd… seeing as a GM told me to repot the issue here.

Cause a GM is going to tell everyone to come here. but the test server doesn’t have the same support system as the main server. so the only way to really get any help is doing the bug report in game on the test server.

also they only enforce rules during masstest…sad to say but if masstest is over then big FREE FOR ALL button is pressed… and its best to not test supercarriers even in your sov system. i had my 3 nyxes murdered by guy with 10 avatars,he used my freeport cyno to get to my main system and banged my assets then jumped back.

solution? attacked in another system? you are free to defend and even revenge if he did not leave it. screaming “you break rules” is futile because nobody cares so grab your guns and shot his ship until it explode

It is BS until official (and proven, not hearsay).

Officially: don’t interfere with anyone, and pvp by consent only except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8).

suki vokkonen…there was no rule enforcement for months months months… they simply dont care about it as long as it hits during masstesting then yes banhammer will drop,no masstest means free for all,lost many citadels in immensea and never agressor got banned. lost few supercarriers to hunters too and nope… so yeah theres no any rule enforcement,friend did lose two titans in serpentis prime four days ago…this what happened

he submitted support ticket…
support ticket closed - they say go to forum…
then he submitted bugreport…
they converted it to support ticket and closed it again - go to forum.
he did submit again br but with maximum detailed involvement of players in on consesual pvp
no reply and agressor still fly

I just pointed to the actual public official rules for Singularity, that anyone with eyes and brain can find and see for themselves. Now, if CCP and its minions ignores them, maybe remind them.

  1. The rule concerning non-consensual combat includes all structures (including POS and Upwell structures). Do not attack structures without permission from the owner!

Most of these rules (listed on the page) are not bound to mass test activities conducted by CCP, so it is wrong to say they only apply during mass testing, especially as this is not mentioned in rules. The idea of the Test Server Rules, is don’t interfere with anyone’s testing.

I acknowledge that on Singularity - EVE Community it is stated that

Getting help

The petition system is not used on Singularity and Game Masters will not be able to address issues related to Singularity. If you need assistance, contact one of the CCP or ISD staff present on the server, or post in the Test Server Feedback Forum

then why they dont put bans on these people who break rules,if they wanted to enforce rules…they would…but they dont.

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I’m not spending time looking for the post, but someone received a reply to a ticket from a gm or ccp that the rules are only enforced during a mass test

so when someone blos up your citadel outside m-o then no way to get agressor banned… great

just move somewhere else.

man…there are like 12 players that blow up supercarriers/titans outside testing system… linking them sisi rules does notthing they wont stop shooting…if isd bh moderators would enforce rules then problem would never exsist… lack of rule enforcement is the problem,reporting them via tickets or bug reports not always work,unless they doxx you or hard insult you then yes they will take action but they wont move finger when someone loses few titans in lowsec…

its the test server, quit crying over it… all the stuff will be back at the end of the month, if you own them on hisec.

It’s official, there are no rules on the test server.

I promise you, this is a fact.

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