Praxis Battleship?

I see every one getting hyped about the Praxis and waiting for the 15 anninv for it. Posting all the things it has (7/7/7 layout, ect.). But what can you possibly do with a battleship with only 1,500MW powergrid?!? Taking into account that the smallest power grid on any other tech 1 battle ship is at the lowest 9,000MW.

did someone think sisi placeholder numbers were final again?

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See you’re just reading a typo because it has 15000 not 1500 :stuck_out_tongue:

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It has non-existent skill requirements - Spaceship Command I. That means that a player who has it can theoretically jump right in and grow into it incrementally. Let’s face it, the SoCT Swiss-Army Knife ships have always been about versatility and accessibility - many players use them as stepping stones while they train into more specialised ships - or, for example, while waiting for a weapon tier to train up to a usable level. This was my experience with the Gnosis, for instance - it allowed me to ramp up my PvE power level to access more lucrative content - and then when my skills reached adequate levels, I started finding that yes, the Gnosis was rather lacklustre (despite its shiny exterior :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I would get better results with, say, a Myrmidon, even though on paper it may have looked (to the inexperienced eye) like the Gnosis should be better.


Remember the placeholder confessors?
Those were all kinds of broken.
Hilarious fun though


It’s an SOCT ship design, you can auto-link the name in game and get the current stats, afaik. Tried various experimental fits on it. Like the other SOCTs, its primary value is 'it works somewhat even without skills". The extra slots are to make up for the fact that it’s bonuses generally are less than you would get for having level 3 in a real battleship.

It is flexible in design, that also means that it is worse at any one job than a battleship designed for the job would be. Except scanning, I guess, assuming you want to fly a BS for scanning…

Like the Gnosis, these will mostly be flown by Alphas who are eager to ‘get into a Battleship’ before they have the skills. And like the Gnosis, a lot of them will get blown up, being flown by Alphas without the skills…

Honestly though it is slow but it can fit an absurd amount of application and utility if armor fit. Conversely if shield fit it can have some wild amounts of gank in the tank. And for PvP until you get in close or you pop off a ship scan it will keep you guessing because there are so many ways to fit it.

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I am sure it will be a good mining ship for alpha accounts. Maybe even more.

I’m not sure where you getting this notion from; Praxis has like 2 more modules than a typical pirate or navy BS? And it is bonused like a level 3 BS, so you will use those 2 modules up just matching a decent BS.

It’s a similar result to combat effectiveness. If you have decent Alpha mining/fitting skills, you can get about 40-45% higher mining yield than an Alpha Venture, with 1/4 the ore storage. You would be fitting out a very slow, very expensive battleship to do slightly better than a 4mill-ISK Venture, and return to the days of 2011 and jetcanning your ore load. So now your expensive battleship miner is a gank magnet as well, since you gave up all hope of having any defense or offense by fitting it out to mine a little faster than a Venture…

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I know, I can fly a Orca when needed but I don’t mine at all. Yet I like to vouch for alpha mining battleships whenever they get salty about not beeing able to fly barges :slight_smile:

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Pray tell which standard battleships you can get over 1200 DPS with for only 3 ranks trained when T2 fit? I’m pretty sure the Praxis is better compared to existing Pirate battleships than the T1s. Sure it might not be explicitly better than a very blinged Rattle or Vindi, but as a jack of all trades that can be fit a wide variety of ways it would be broken if it was also the figurative “best” ship for everything.

The one drawback with the Praxis is that it will be like flying around a huge Christmas ornament.

well now you can put your ore in an orca.

That’s a drawback?

Current TQ version has:
600 CPU

It’s still low on cpu and pg.
Imagine you go with cruise missiles and armor tank it.

I guess if you like shiny things like fish. :fish:

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