Praxis/Praxis or Praxis/Gnosis Gate camp team fits

I’m tinkering with ideas for solo losec gatecamps using cheapish special edition ships, and looking for fitting ideas. Most the fits I come up with are a little bling heavy, I may or may not bother using scout alt and want to pretty much take anything coming thru, win or loose.
Praxis could have decent tank and dps but not good for tackle. I see alot of gnosis used for quick locking or near instalocks, but usually as part of larger gangs. Would need disruptor to grab point out of scram range but not to sure about tanking gate guns.

Fitting tips?

Is the intent to actually kill things, or just look scary on the gate and try and get fights?

The reason you see gnosis as part of gangs is that they can be fit to insta-lock (or near enough) but you then have to lock down (scrams/webs) the target, to stop it running & warping off (gnosis isn’t real fast) or burning back to gate and jumping out.

If you go with 2x Praxis I don’t think you’ll ever catch anything… unless they want to be caught, and then you’ll die. Or someone will warp/jump in a cyno, drop carriers and then you’ll die.

I’m going to leave this here as the group in that corp know how to camp a gate and you’d be doing yourself a favour by looking over their kills/losses to see what they’re catching (and using to catch it) and then see how your available options stack up.

You may like to consider a Gnosis and T1 logi cruiser, so you can fit tank/DPS and still have decent lock times (remote sensor boost on logi).

Good luck.


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Thanks for the suggestions looking into the kb link now

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