Looking for a battleship gate guard fit

I’m in a big alliance and ratting deep in home territory, and so far for enemies I mostly just see the odd single frigate/cruiser looking for a gank. I was wondering if there was some kind of battleship fit that would work well sitting at a gate and locking down and dominating pretty much anything smaller than it, or at least the sorts of things people most often send to roam around in enemy territory.

I was thinking at least auto-targeting so I can have it tabbed while doing other stuff and get a little sound cue and reactivity, as well as a good ranged warp disruptor since there seems to be a regular who has bubble immunity, in a loki.

No more than a week or so more skill training than what’s needed for a Rattlesnake with Drones 5 and Missiles 5.

Anyway, is there something that would work well in this way?

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The auto target module only works when you are being targeted first. It doesn’t automatically target and lock on to just anyone that happens by…

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Alright, maybe just playing with volume settings and listening for gate activations then. Scrap the auto targeting.

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It’s got the slots you need for sensor boosters, It can use Rapid Heavies so it can apply its damage, it’s got a bonus to disruptor and scram range, and it’s one of the strongest subcaps in the game for solo pvp. I think it’s your best bet.

When I used to live down in Genesis there was a guy that would solo gatecamp in a Barghest and he would catch all kinds of ■■■■.


May want to take a look at the Praxis perhaps? If it’s anything like it’s cousin the Gnosis, it has a high sensor strength.

Big brother. Not cousin. The new concord ships would be the cousins.

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use guns…and probably some kind of cruiser type…or battle cruiser. battleship lock times arent really that good.

why guns? instant damage application no wait times.
why cruiser or BC? lock times, speed etc…

Not sure about it, but maybe smartbombing ?

That works actually. I’ve seen (And have been killed :stuck_out_tongue: ) by single Machariels guarding gates loaded with smart bombs that easily blow frigates and destroyers with ease. Cruisers and above, not quite sure, but I imagine that not impossible.

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You will need a remote sensor boosted bhaalgorn with faction webs and point on top of a large interdiction sphere. Interceptors, as always, will still get away. Fast ships will be able to crash gate and leave. Remember to micro warp towards the target in case they try to flee the bubble giving you a little bit of extra time to pin them down. If you’re willing to go sub battleship you’d have more luck with the Loki for small ships just due to higher scan res. The bhaalgorn, however, will not be 1v1’d by anything short of a capital if properly fit.

You’re in a big nullsec alliance, deep within a big nullsec alliance’s territory, you want a fit that always wins while tabbed out and you’re asking for help on this forum?

What do your alliance mates say?

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I think you’re going about solving your problem the wrong way.

If fast and small things are what is causing you most of your problems, just having a cheap rapid light missile fitted alt nearby is just as good. This will allow you time to get away if you are still taken by surprise. There’s nothing that can really keep you safe if you want to be afk.

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