Thoughts on Praxis?

I don’t think I’ve seen any reviews, or anyone talking about this thing.

Looks cool, but to be honest I used it only to fly around station. I have better ships, more specialised to do stuff I like.

I’ve looked at her traits. Haven’t found anything interesting for me (something which i would use).

It looks ugly the way it is currently oriented. Needs to be flipped 180 degrees horizontally that the long nose becomes the front.

Beyond looks, it is proportionally just as powerful as a Gnosis, just bigger and can deal well with a variety of scenarios and opponents.

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Funny… I thought the long nose WAS the front.

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It will sit in my hangar for the rest of time, just like the gnosis.

It’s a poor’s Rattlesnake. But it is what it is (free and skill-less).

It’s beautiful but totally generic in performance.

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yeah - looks good, performs meh.

Oh !!

I will say something positive by declaring it a great awoxing ship for Alphas, just like the Gnosis has been … or still is.

  • He has many fits, but no one is performed at good 100%.
  • Can be used anywhere where the Rattlesnake is no need.
  • Is the slower vessel among other BS, but with better align time and good dps.
  • I think, he can be used to build very interesting passive tanking mods.
  • He isn’t so flexible as his smaller brother - Gnosis.
  • Can show pretty good performance in different PVE scenarios at his price.
  • Will ‘hardly’ fit any existing PVP concept.
  • Praxis, having many mid/low slots, makes them useless at fitting - we can’t fit something useful into 7th slot due to CPU/PG/CAP/Penalty limits. So we have to fit there something useless.
  • His price will rise, but will be lower compared to other faction BS or, personally, I’ll never pay more than the cheapest faction BS will cost.

I have ten of the things and have no plans to ever use one of them.

I suppose they may have some sell value in a couple of years if CCP doesn’t find reasons to flood the game with them on a regular basis. So I guess my thoughts are no thoughts, really.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I like it. Wasn’t looking to fly a battleship but getting a free one let me run some lvl 4s and has helped me to complete Operation: Replace Everything. I need to tweak the fittings a lot as my BS experience is next to nill. Had to run away pretty frequently but could always run back and wrap up the job. Align time is great for such a lumbering beast.

I don’t plan on using it very often, but it will come in handy from time to time.

It’s a perfect obvious bait
It needs battleship class engines though thing can’t move.

It’s a great long range sniping ship. Cruises with lots of application mods and a MJD. Provides pretty good application and alpha

Its free. No complaints.

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Is it any good with drones?

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