Could a Naga do it?

I was thinking man I want to try low sec belt ratting also maybe try hunting clone soliders. And I kind of love the desing of the Naga.

Could a naga do it with like almost full t2 fit with T1 guns ? or would small rats me the biggest problem ?

Should I opt for a cruiser instead ?

I know there is a chance to pvp which is a risk I can take. Im just sick of doing missions and hig sec exploration.

I suggest waiting for the free Praxis and using that…great ship and cheap. Kills clones pretty quickly if fitted right…

well if I was omega that is.

If you wait I’ll give you mine (in about 5 days)…I’d hate to see you lose a Naga…

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One of the safest ratters I ever hunted (did not catch him) used a Naga. If you get hold in game I’ll explain his strategy to you.

Praxis is a Battleship. Don’t take that belt ratting or you will be killed and mocked rapidly :expressionless:

Done it in LS a lot to kill both clones and NPC mining carriers…it’s cheap and very powerful in glass-cannon mode (over 1400DPS). I suspect not much can beat it in the ISK/DPS department save Cats or other exclusive ganking fits.

I’m not saying the Naga is a bad choice at all just that the OP might want to go a cheaper route to start as a beginner.

yeah but Praxix is not that cheap compared to Naga I mean even if I got 1 free im bound to lose it some time in null and last I checked naga is what 80-90mill praxis 120-130mill I even saw a few for 140mill last time I was in hek.

During give-away times (like now) they drop to the 70M range because so many are sold for quick ISK…

Naga’s are great ships so go for that… @Keno_Skir will help you out there I’m sure…

It will be fun either way! Find a quiet area and reap the rewards of LS…just never let yuor guard down.

yeah that´s for sure I mean I have lived in null way back so im used to be careful just never lived in low sec.

Praxis just doesn’t align very fast and 1400DPS is total overkill for belt ratting, especially if you have to be glass cannon fit to do it. You’ll be confined to one system unless you have a scout alt or a friend with you, unless you want to get caught on gate in your belt ratter. Battleship for belt ratting is overly risky for not much extra benefit.

If you’re moving and aligned (as you should be) it’s not a problem.
The 1400DPS is mostly for clones and mining haulers.
It’s only an option with free/cheap Praxis…not at ‘normal’ prices

I wouldn’t call 200M cheap…

200M nowadays. Mostly 'cuz of prices of other battleships and due to how much use praxis actually gets (it is nice hull… onc eyou get to L5 skills racial hulls tend to be better but praxis beats them all on slot layout)

Not cheap I agree but that’s a pretty cheap 1400DPS…

In a few days about 70k to 80k Praxis are about to be issues to players…trust me, the price will drop to the 70M-75M range…nothing to do with other ships or ore availability…

10-20K? I would say 100K is closer to it. I know I will be getting 6 of them myself.

LOL…fixed that error!!! My brain though I was typing on a phone not a keypad…7/8 not 1/2…

Sorry about that :crazy_face:

Off-Topic: Anyone know why keypads and phones arrange numbers differently?

I recommend using a stratios. It served me very well for lowsec belt ratting. I was able to kill all the mordus ships too. Having the ability to warp off when someone comes in local with a covops cloak is invaluable.

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When I lived in low sec I used to belt rat in a cynabal. Hits like a truck warps uber fast.

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Man i’m so tired of belt/ anomalies and combat sites.
Going back to Hisec for missions.

Not sure about Low sec.
But in Null you can rat with anything.
Rail Naga is totally fine but you have to watch for transversal

If you are targeted by rat, you can’t cloak. So there is no reason of cloak.
You may as well warp away to safe spot in BS and warp between safespots even if they try to scan you down ^^
More valuable is MJD which allows you to disengage rats even if ur pointed

Well cloaking in warp allowed me to not be spotted on dscan by people coming into the system hunting. They went from trying to hunt me 5 times a night, to once a night for a few minutes, and then not even bother after a couple weeks. If you never see your prey eventually you stop trying to hunt them.

It also let me warp around and find my next clone spawn for when they did leave.

A Naga is certainly capable of clone tag farming. I just prefer the covops way of doing it.