Has someone noticed already the Praxis on SISI? Does someone know when it gets released for the public?

Also, does someone know when the Marshall gets added to project discovery?


I saw Praxis, and I was all like:

Is CCP gonna give Vampire another shot?!

–Disappointed Gadget

Praxis will probably be released on the 15th anniversary of Eve’s launch, so somewhere around the start of May.

Marshall looks to be coming to Project Discovery with the next patch, so sometime next week!

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I don’t know what the point of the Marshall is. A 45-billion ISK magnet waiting to be ganked doesn’t seem like very much fun to me.

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Yip feels like a waste of such a beautiful design. I bet more dev hours are put into it than hours of players flying the thing xD.

I hear it looks great spinning in station…

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ahh seen it, at level 500

expect to see a huge price crash next week for the marshall :wink:

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The Praxis looks very nice. The battleship brother of the Gnosis and Sunesis. 7-7-7 layout, 6L/6T, 225m2 drones with 100 bandwith, high homogenic resists, 1200m2 cargo… TIA CCP :slight_smile:

The reason the Marshall is as expensive as it is currently, is that the only way you could have one of by having gone to both Eve-Vegas AND Fanfest. The supply is so limited that the price is insanely high. When it gets added up the project discovery, the price will come down.

From what players are commenting on Reddit, level 500 in Project Discovery is almost an unheard of number to achieve. Players are apparently burning out at levels from 250-300.

And even if by some miracle the Marshall BPC does become available, expect it to still cost in excess of 15-billion ISK - making it basically unobtanium for the average capsuleer.

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