Marshal Battleship

So, now that EV is well and truly attended we should be able to start speculating as to the number of marshal’s that are likely to be available, do we have any guesstimates as to the sort of price for one of these initial marshals as we don’t currently know accurate build requirements i guess its hard to put a price on them, any people smarter than i willing to make a guess?

Wont be a build. Just a redeem: Get. Initial wave with fanfest, probably late October, then Project Discovery will open the flood gates.

I am aware, but what i meant was we don’t know the build costs so there isn’t even a ballpark figure to begin with, being a black ops i can’t imagine it ever being cheaper than the current 4 we have, that still doesn’t help with asking people to give rough guesses on what they think these initial hulls are going to cost, gotta know how much to save :stuck_out_tongue:

Best guess is going to be the maximum number available is the same as the number of actual people that showed up to it, rather than the number of emails people spun off for accounts.

When do they come out

Well its the number of actual tickets purchased, but the marshal is only for people who attended BOTH fanfest and EV which is going to be a smaller number, so i imagine its not going to be super common so i’m assuming its going to be priced in the billions

At first they will be stupid prices, but I think until they become available from other outlets such as PD or Christmas type things (yeah, not happening I know) i think they will balance at around 4b for a while and likely end up stabilizing at about 2b until PD changes and they become more rare and the slow but steady increase.

Disclaimer: I’m optimistic

4bil is doable, yeah PD will help but considering it will be at the level 300 marker at a minimum its not like they are going to be too readily available

there are a good number of people in the high hundreds already, real question is will they be given the marshal retrospectively or a case of “meh, sucks for you dont it”

It will probably just require them to complete either 1 level or 1 sample depending on how they coded the checks, they could alternatively run a DB script to apply it, the former is less time consuming

They’re going to be mega-expensive. Even IF it’s available for lvl 300 on PD that’s not a readily available supply chain, and it’ll be in decent demand.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re 8 figures for a good amount of time

Not sure what you mean by 8 figures exactly because that would only be up to 99,999,999 when these are going to be, at their cheapest about 2,000,000,000 which is a 10 figure sum :stuck_out_tongue:

I am aware how expensive they are going to be, they aren’t actually going to be any cheaper than a standard BLOPS really, i’m not sure they will be that “in-demand” as they aren’t really anything special to write home about, yes they have 4 races worth of bonuses but you’re only ever going to use one of those at a time and when taken on their own merits they aren’t that powerful, the tanking bonus is ok but its only a 50% bonus at most which while nice, isn’t going to be that epic as BLOPS generally want to buffer fit to survive whatever you can dish out so the fleet can kill you, they aren’t sitting around for long enough for that tanking bonus to matter much

Haha oh yeah, fail!!!

Add 3 zeros to that… 11 figures I reckon. It’ll be the best blops by far whichever way you look at it, well worth getting if it’s not too much. But there’s plenty of people with too much ISK to pay too much for it so the rest of us can’t get a sniff!

Well like i said its versatile but not really great at anything, you won’t see very many of them anyway as they will likely just be used as low skill bridgers

stabilizing at 2 bill? No way.

Even the Enforcers and Pacifiers are far more expensive, despite a couple months into project discovery. It was such an arduous grind to get the enforcer that a lot of people gave up in the middle. Now imagine how much of a grind it will be to get the Marshall.

Id reckon it will stabilize around 6-8 billion.

Never said they would stabilize at that, but that this would be their cheapest considering the build materials clock in at around 1.3bil

I was responding to Xylema when he said “likely end up stabilizing at about 2b”.

Again, since the cruisers are around 800 mill right now even after PD being out for so long, the Marshalls will be significantly higher as well.

Ahh apologies in that case, yeah the build costs are about 1.3B according to the show info window 2B would be an absolute low i imagine although they will likely end up being more expensive than that

Have any of the EV marshals actually been handed out yet?

Yeah no problem, im stil not understanding how to quote someone, when i hit “Reply” i thought it would automatically quote them but it doesnt.

I see like 19 billion isk buy orders up but no one seems to have them yet. or maybe theyre just so rare, no one has them? I mean, going to both Vegas AND iceland, you must be a pretty damn rich and dedicated guy. I visited Iceland before, everything is so EXPENSIVE there, its ridiculous.

Hey all,

Im willing to buy a Marshal.
So if you have any mssg me in-game :wink:

grtz Mark