Presenting EVE PANDORA

Good afternoon,

We have completed our deployment of the latest UI changes for

With a much neater user interface - the home page now contains everything you need to quickly access and create content at PANDORA.

Improvements have also been made to the overall site speeds throughout.

One major change we have also made is a total rework on Faction Warfare campaigns. Previously, the creator would generate the campaign using a points input for kills in enemy or friendly held systems.
It was felt by PANDORA and our users that combat of this type could be carried out with the normal combat campaigns.

Instead, we have replaced this with a new type of Faction Warfare campaign where the creator can declare an offensive campaign into enemy territory. This will track Victory Points for those who have newly logged in from this release.

Expect new missions and campaign content to be added in the coming days.


Nice work, you’re doing great stuff!

I’d like to participate more in Pandora stuff but the schedule isn’t allowing for much right now. Sending a quarter billion ISK which hopefully you can use to dress up some sample campaigns and promote interest.

(But feel free to use in any way you like, no strings attached.)


Amazing - thank you!

When you have some free time and would like to create your own content, come give me a shout :+1:

With this release - for anyone wishing to advertise be it with a banner on the website (as seen on the home page) or your promotional video as seen in our twitch streams, please contact me.

See this would work and more Capsuleers should find out about this.

We have Red Frog , Capsuleers trust and use that Delivery Service as a means of moviig freight.

We have & for entertainment value. (The only ones I know about)

Now just learning about what Eve Pandora has on offer.

Frostpacker pledges 2 Billion isk to your cause and please inform me where you wish for isk to be sent using ingame evemail.


Thank you that’s amazing!

Sending you an ingame mail now.

@Kezrai_Charzai i have sent your isk to evepandora the character - thanks again. I will be creating a number of campaigns later today/tomorrow with evepandora as the agent. Is there any specific type of campaign you would like to see?

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You would likely know better than I what type of Pandora campaigns generate the most interest. For the sake of FW I’d assume it’s better to set up something that draws in a larger number of potential players to participate in more aspects of FW. (As opposed to a winner-take-all ‘top kills’ type event.)

However as I said, no strings so use it whatever way you think will promote the most recognition and interest in Pandora itself. I think this sort of thing is a truly key element to making EVE an actual sandbox and kudos to you for working on it.

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Good morning Kezrai.

Confirming that your funded campaign is now up and running - GOING SOLO :slightly_smiling_face:


You all good with the isk funds sent?

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Yes all received thank you!

I will be creating a couple of campaigns using your isk later today…just need to work out which types :smiley:

Cosmic Signatures or WHS adventures might bring some new Capsuleer attention and focus towards your website.

Nothing too hard but something that sends a pilot or pilots into some Highsec entry into WHS or scans and reports on the findings with screenshots (that way it also gives you content to upload to your website)
Ship loss might be the final requirement of the campaign even as long as it can be documented that the new pilot had been there.

Thinking there are places close to the four faction starting zones. Setting a limit to 30 day or less pilot ages could also help with the difficulty settings of the campaign.

Sweet, I see some pilots already racking up kills for it. Your Pandora system is looking very nice, the interface is improved from the last time I checked it out.

I know you have various comms and websites for Pandora info. I haven’t checked but do you have an in-game public chat channel where perhaps an MOTD or something could direct players to current campaigns etc.?

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I did have the ingame channel: evepandora - but it’s completely out of date and i no longer use it - reason being that it can get to a point where missions or campaigns are being generated often by myself and others and i would be unable to keep on top of it all.

Instead, the evepandora discord bot pumps out all the latest mission and campaign info into several discord channels including the EVEPandora discord, which also has channels for website issues and ideas/suggestions etc.

The link for that discord can be found here.

Yes was looking today and I can see how it wouldn’t be possible to keep updated info there. (Small typo in MOTD: months and motnhs)

It would be nice if people ended up using it as a place to chat about Pandora campaigns rewards etc. so maybe find a place in your literature to remind people it’s there.

On the website, I notice that until you log in (and to some degree even after), on the Home page, the prime real estate is taken up by news updates, “User not logged in” space, etc. And the juiciest info (Campaigns, Missions Available, Statistics) isn’t even noticeable on several browsers and screens I tried - you have to scroll down or you’d never know it’s there.

I’d recommend considering shifting the top of the page to having 3 columns:
Campaigns – Statistics – Your Login Info

leaving the Advertisments under Login, and making News Updates a button or link on the page instead of taking up 1/3 of the prime viewing area. It actually took me a while to figure out where active campaigns and missions even were because they’re not listed in the top bar and the home page doesn’t indicate “Campaign/Mission information below, scroll down”.

You generally want eyeballs on the action-oriented information within seconds of landing on your home page.

Sorry for the late reply - i’ve been soooooo busy with all the new campaigns and implementing code changes!

Agreed and a few others have pointed it out. I’ll look at moving bits around over this weekend

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Hi Iceacid,

Been adding some intelligence gathering missions for wormholes which are now available. Will be adding some more types over the weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


This is good news, I wish sucess upon Eve Pandora.

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Good morning,

Here is a round-up of deployments over the past few days since the new site version went live. @Kezrai_Charzai this includes some of your recent suggestions too :slightly_smiling_face:


  • A number of users were reporting that some of the columns were not visible due to browser resolutions. We have now set this to 3 columns and changed the UI order.

  • A navigation bar is now implemented for mobile users. This was originally removed for this site version deployment.

  • Home page now shows number of campaigns you are on and rewards you have to claim ie [2].

  • One of the main issues that users have been reporting with this new website release is the navigation and showing available campaigns. One of the trends is going to your character screen and seeing the CAMPAIGNS FOR YOU option - this is not intended to be campaigns actual for you if you are on your own character screen, but rather campaigns for you (the one viewing the character page) by the character you are viewing.

  • We have made all menus on the home page, the character page, the corporation page and alliance page much clearer - detailing each menu option and what it is for. Be aware that you may need to clear your cache if you experience issues with some of the changes.



Campaigns such as the current Going Solo will now also count kills if NPC’s are on a solo kill. Our script was ignoring solo kills if an NPC was also on it - all kills now include these.


  • Start and End date now showing on a campaign.

  • Leaderboard shows a message if no leaderboard is yet showing.

  • The Liberation Of Turnur campaign has some issues since new site deployment. Fixes are ongoing and a full read will be run when done.

  • Cache busting code added to help update visible campaigns and missions faster.

  • Opt In / Opt Out of rewards button to flag you to not be included in rewards for a campaign that you are on. You can also set this for all campaigns and all future campaigns form your own character screen. Excluding yourself on campaign will exclude you form rewards on that single campaign - any split reward you have built up will be put back into the pool and your rewards will be removed. You can Include yourself again to be put back in.


  • Clearer messages in Campaign and Mission screen to show your exact settings of your campaign or mission before you press the create button.

  • Rework of Champions page. Currently has old website version. Champions are those selected on your campaign as the Champion/FC of your fleet, as seen in a previous Community Beat and described in our video here. Will show a rework of Champion fleet member kills and fleet member losses on a campaign where they are a champion.

  • Implementation of Full statistics page - this is a biggie and will take time.

  • Ability to copy a campaign which will copy it’s settings to the Content Management screen but will change it to your corp and alliance as the agency and yourself as the agent.

  • Ability to create a counter campaign - For any campaign, you will be able to create a counter campaign which will send you to the Content Management screen but with all content pre-filled against those who the campaign your are countering is available to.

  • Ability to create an assassination mission against any capsuleer on their character screen. This take you to the Content Management screen with the target and data prefilled - will just need the rewards to be entered etc.

That’s all folks!


Literally discovered this last week I am enthralled, I will be speaking to our CEO about creating ILF and potentially IPI missions to encourage activities in placid and to further RP goals.


November 11th Release

Good afternoon.

A huge release has just been deployed containing the following.

With all upcoming or active campaigns, you can add yourself as a broker/agent IF that campaign is not against you. This means that you can add your own isk rewards to a campaign where you will be issuing your own ISK rewards to those that make a reward claim on that campaign. Those on campaigns will also gain standings with these brokers / agents.

For every active or upcoming campaign, there is now the option to create a counter-campaign against it. This will pre-fill a campaign with who you are going against and where (if applicable). You just need to fill out the missing bits and the rewards!.

We are now hooked into the Twitch API and have a selection of Twitch streamers who stream Faction Warfare and Pandora campaigns / content. You can now see those who are live in the bottom left of our homepage. Our DISCORD bot will also post in our news channels as and when these streamers go live.

-Removed over 20,000 items that are not needed when creating Supply and Bulk Supply missions - too many items were causing crashes.

-Added an END NOW button to your campaign to immediately end a campaign at the current date and time.

-At times mission creation would fail due to the title of the mission failing to pass over to mission creation. This has now been fixed.

-On Supply Missions, you can choose to have the mission pickup the pricing from evepraisal. This could cause an error if evepraisal had no pricing at the time of viewing the mission. This has now been fixed and will show 0 ISK.

-Mission deletion sometimes redirected to a page that no longer exists. This has been fixed and will now redirect to the home page.

-Some Supply Missions were not picking up the Isk Reward if entered. This was due to a clash with Courier Mission rewards and has now been fixed.

Full details in the video update - November 2022 website release - YouTube

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