Pretty Funny Comic

I found a funny comic

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Actually, there are 3 FPS games I play more than EVE (I’m a one account guy), but I understand the comic. It’s not just my corpmates who are passionate, but people all over the game too.


I downloaded EvE one night, I don’t even remember why, and then I just haven’t done anything else since.

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EvE online is a game?

I thought it was just a bunch of ■■■■ posting on a forum?

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It’s ok if you don’t get the comic.

No, it’s not.

I feel left out. Can you explain the finer points of this meme and why those make it funny or relevent?

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Eve covers all of the discernable games on the guy’s trolley, maybe not all of “Minecraft”, but there is gathering, manufacturing and station construction. It does cover “Among Us” quite well. I love that one. Why play a trolley load of games when Eve has it all.


That’s the secret game.

–Gadget has levelled up

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