Reddit Comic I don't Get

I feel like I’m going to regret trying to understand what I saw instead of just going “nope, don’t get it, let’s listen to music or go back to the game to scout for the corp” but I saw this post which got a lot of likes and I was curious. If “fan made stuff about EVE” doesn’t belong in general discussions, let me know where it belongs so I get it right next time.

Still better love story than twilight : Eve (

Both characters are wearing underwear with logos. The guy’s has bees, not just any bees, but the same style as the bee for Imperium’s logo. He mentions this being awkward. For the girl, the picture quality is too poor to tell, but it appears to be a dinosaur head. Given this was posted in an EVE reddit as opposed to a general video game one, I would guess that it is TEST’s T rex logo (hard to tell, perhaps the image is taken from a screenshot from the original art, which degraded image quality, but given World War Bee Two and that it’s in the EVE subreddit, it’s a logical guess). I guess this means the two lovers have been shooting each other over the year and it’s a virtual case of slap, slap kiss? One of the higher rated comments was “I didn’t think this is what was meant when they said TEST is next”

Perhaps some artist created a one-shot comic and this post was a screenshot of the punchline, meaning I’m missing context that the original poster had? Apparently a lot of fans found it really funny.

The guy has goon logos on his boxers, and the girl has test logos on her bra, indicating that they are from coalitions which currently hate each other. It’s like one is montague, and the other is capulet.
No P2W


Oh I see

They thought it was the real thing, but it was only PAPI love.


Here, I made a more accurate version of the meme.

… which someone flagged. What was the meme? Was it any good? Just how much eye bleach was required after seeing it? Future internet historians can only wonder.




Theres a subtext thats even less worth explaining to it too but its a bit J Kish

Just warn me if there is any intel on it. Otherwise don’t explain the joke.

Nah its pretty Devoid of any kind of intelligence


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