Previous Forum Archive Down

Apologies if this is the wrong sub for the topic, but I’m not sure where else to put it.

When I tried to look at earlier today, I got a “503: Service Unavailable” error. Oddly enough, still works. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?


Same thing here, Error 503.

Maybe Eve Search can help.


No, it is down.

If there is something specific you need, you could try also

But otherwise, perhaps @CCP_Aurora or @CCP_Convict could point this out to the correct person so they can fix it when they get back from their likely holidays.


I told them they should have fed the hamsters.


Ah, thanks guys - poking the web team to take a look at this soon.


Well, that was a mistake.

Anybody else click that link and get lost reading for hours? The memories!


Wait there was “old” and then before that there was “old old”, has “old old” been gone and I missed it?

If you look far back enough in, there’s even an “old Old OLD” forum from before the game launched! Case in point: “Lost and Confused” by nwvik


I bet if you ask nicely, Chribba will pull out his old, Old, OLD, OLDEST super secret pre-alpha forum archive and give you a peek.

I’d prefer it if he had a copy of the game’s launch DB files. I’ve been looking for them for the better part of a year.

Well, anything’s possible with that guy. I’ve seen him pull some pretty arcane game stuff seemingly out of thin air.

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Archive seems to be back up now. Let me know if you have any other issues.


So there’s been 4 EVE forums since 2003?

I’m kinda surprised there haven’t been more over the 17+ years, TBH.

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