Price Check 112+ Mil SP, Sub cap PvP

Sec status will be positive before sale just doing price check for now.

Maruaders 5
all pvp Links to L5 cept fleet command
Biology 5
Neurotoxin Control L5
Neurotoxin Recovery L5
Command ships 5 (in 9 days ish)

42,307,852 skillpoints in Spaceship Command

Don’t forget to check Jump Clones Tab for Shinies.

Sorry I didn’t check if this is correct format, Im Bad.


It’s a good ensemble i’d say 100/110 but only cause i’d love to keep it and not extract

Ehh I was hoping 120 bil min, I guess Ill just continue to let it train for now.

Edit: But then again, probably won’t getting actual bidding wars until it’s ready to be sold.

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