Price check 153M SP Combat Pilot 57.4B in SKINS and 9.6B in Implants

Hello everyone,

Since it may be time to let go of my main I want to do a price check.

Basicly it has 153M SP (PW: Nerdz), but above that:

  • 57.488B (as of 6-10-2017) ISK in SKINs applied. This is not even counting many skins not available on the market (Looking at you Muninn Firewall Breach)

  • 9.661B ISK in Implants.

You can reply here or send me an Evemail ingame for what you think this toon might be worth.

Fly safe o7

125 bil

I feel that 125B is quite far off of the truth. Perhaps someone else could let his opinion be heard.


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