Price Check 2006 and up Characters

**Edited to list all characters.

Name: Three Quarters - 2011.03.12 Clean Employment, 56k sp.
Name: MerkyLady - 2011.02.06 Clean Employment, 56k sp.
Name: Jon Civire - 2008.04.19 In random empty corp since birth, 1.29m sp
Name: Dar Kness - 2006.12.18, seven things on employment history, current npc for 15 years, 1.67m sp
Name: Kuechen schabe - 2006.12.03, was in one corp, current npc for 14 years 4 months, 1.15m sp
Name: Uniden Garde - 2006.07.31, Clean Employment, 967k sp
Name: Atx Athlon - 2006.01.31, Clean Employment, 945k sp


Not too many people now a days are willing to spend a lot of isk for low SP, and with you paying $140 total for all the transfer fees, its possible all these, depending on who will pay could go for 5 bil maybe moreā€¦ all depends on what people are willing to pay for low sp.

Was not sure of the desirability of old characters. Would have to be worth while for sure.

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