Price Check 319+ Toon

looks like extraction is 175 B so you are looking at possibly 190B to 245 B… if someone is looking for that age etc, they could pay more… but most go for extraction price regardless of age or SP

I think you’re calculating extraction value wrong. It’s 0.65x319 not 0.55x319

Apparently Eve doesn’t let me use * multiplication.

these very high sp toons usually sell bit above extraction or for lots above its basically if someone Really wants a high sp toon they will pay really well but also no need considering there arent many potential buyers even people that just extract toons usually wont go for it because it binds too much capital

I agree with the above. If you were offered 10% above extraction you’d be getting as good deal as finding a buyer who wants to use this won’t be easy.

Hi Bud - I’d be very happy to give him a new home.

I’d like to offer you 235b for the toon.

Let me know your thoughts.

Edit: Am rarely online so feel free to message me or reply here.

its crazy how people calculate extraction value :slight_smile:
the truth is injector 635m - sell% (20m) - 615 (best market skills)
extractor now 279
so 615-279 = 335 per extraction / you have 629 extractions * 335m and that is exact ~ 210 B of extraction value :wink:

toon is awesome btw

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check this one WTS 241m SP main / all Dreads V / Ragnarok and much more - #2 by cbIpoK

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