Price Check 50m carrier/super/dread pilot

Hello all, what price would

what would i be looking at ish?

Hey, Link isnt working, But for a 50M sp, you’re looking roughly 30-35B isk give or take, Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thanks! forgot to update profile to public!

These skills are horrendous :S. No Gunnery Skills whatsoever? Lots of Frigate Spaceship command and gunnery stuff, seems all very disconnected to the capital stuff.

Offering 27b.

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Do you have any implants, skins etc

Skills arent massively focused - Will offer 29B isk B/O today only.

Apologies as im new to all this charater trading stuff,

Are the skills that poor?, the frigate skills were just to have fun in AFs

I understand you would have to do some rejigging but is it only worth 29B

Again apologies if im coming acorss strange just trying to make sure i get best deal :slight_smile:

Does your character have any implant sets, skins etc

Generally yeah, unless you have about 28B isk to extract all the SP and then sell as injectors, you could then end up with around 32.5B or so instead, but if you dont thats kind of the ballpark, and i would be prepared to pay 29B today to take the toon off your hands :slight_smile:

For the sake of 2.5B, time, effort, tax etc etc - It would probably work in your favour. But if you have the isk then go ahead.

Theres about 5M SP wasted in things like reprocessing and mining operations, if theres any notable skins on the account which i guess are carrier focused, that could also add into your favour, but again it depends on the cost of the skins/rarity.

I can’t see any implants on the skillboard, but if you have clones then you can also add them and it would help a fraction.

Okay, well thanks for the information!

I might hang on to her for a bit given whats going on,
Make her a bit more valuable, and keep using her for a bit before selling in the future,

Atleast now i know a bit more about the bazarr and values of things, so i will keep your education in mind! Thank you again Tanya

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If you can re-arrange the skills and stuff, you may get more, honestly if your not planning on using the toon you’d be better off selling, the Toon market prices seem to be constantly dropping for what you get nowdays.

Like i’ve said 29B isk offer is there for today alone, so the choice is yours :slight_smile:

You can only get 30B。Because I need 5B to extract SP。

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