Price check for Estamel's Torpedo Launchers please?

I’m looking for a realistic price check on Estamel’s Modified Torpedo Launcher. I have seen the Jita prices and they are completely irrelevant in this case.

From my analysis of the module and market for these so far:

  1. Torpedoes are not used as much on Battleships as Cruise Missiles since the Cruise Missile boost around 5 years ago, meaning less demand for Officer Torp Launchers relative to Cruise Launchers, so less price.
  2. Most missile battleships use Cruises rather than Torps, as Torps are a much more specialised weapon. The Golem can be said to be the only dedicated Torp Boat, but that only needs 4 Torp launchers, while Raven/NavyRaven/SNI/Barghest are almost always Cruise-fitted. Therefore much less demand for Torp launchers.
  3. Yes, Stealth Bombers use Torps, but no one is mad enough to fit an Officer launcher on a torp boat with a paper-thin tank and which is often primaried or has dedicated counters in a fleet battle.
  4. The main mission ship to use Torp launchers, the Golem, is ganked so often that it becomes a ridiculous risk to fit Estamel’s torp launchers to a Golem.

Therefore I am inclined to think the price of these should be quite low, in the low billions.

Can you add anything else to this alongside a price? Is there anything I have missed out factoring into the price?

You forget about the alliance tournament stealth bomber which uses those :] so price goes higher than cruise, but no idea what the price is hope you find decent ones mate o/.

Thanks, but pretty sure the price will be lower than Cruise launchers.

You are missing 1 price component. Availibilaty.
If there are only 3 ingame, then price shoots upwards, even tho it’s worthless.

Like the Raven State Issue, worthless to use, outclassed by Golem, priced in the trillions.

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I have assumed the same supply as the Cruise Launchers, for which there will be higher demand. These things aren’t that rare.

Prices are quite high because the demand is higher than the supply, simple as that
Why do people want them? Probably for the same reason you do; to collect, to use for missions, to use for incursions, for Virtuosos.

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