Price check on 2011 starter character


I would like to sell this character, so I was wondering what the price may be. It is a starter so it has no SP, it has clean history, 2 bonus remaps plus the yearly remap available. It also has resculpt available. Some mass effect fans might recognize the name :slight_smile:

I can offer 4B

That sounds good, I accept. How exactly do I trade it to you? never did this before :slight_smile:

You will need to accept my offer with her on this post. Then I’ll send her the 4B along with my account info for transfer. You’ll need to go onto account management and use transfer service to move her to my account.

Post with her and we can get this done soonest.

Alright, I accept that offer. You can send me the account details

4B sent to Nirali along with my account info. Account info also sent to Barinho (just in case).

Don’t forget to take the ISK off her before you start transfer.

Post again when you started transfer.

Thanks alot. :slight_smile:

Transfer has been started:
Character Name: Nirali Bathia

Will be completed after: 12/24/2018 12:48:31 AM
Thank you for the fast trade :slight_smile:

Email received from CCP indicating transfer in process.

Thanks for smooth transaction.

Character received. Closed.

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