Price check on me?

Considering selling.
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Offer 25b, option with or without character transfer.

Only one opinion?


I will match 26b, option with or without character transfer.

Value somewhere in the 28-32B range.

Don’t know what this with or without character transfer stuff is, every char sold on here is a char transfer and the seller has to pay it.

offer 27b

I’m confused, does this mean you would just give me ISK…and I keep the character?

With a couple steps in between, yes. If you are online I can PM you and explain.

I’m on.

Just confirming that the process does not violate EULA. It is, however, a touch in poor taste if viewed from an in-game perspective.

If you give him your account info you will get banned for it FYI!
I would have him layout what he wants you to do here for everyone to see before you accept. So you don’t get banned!

i can do 28bil

As an FYI, your character is worth somewhere between 35-40Bil Isk

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