Price Check Request. 109m sp Highly skilled Industry/mining Character

Max reprocessing but does not include skill books added in lifeblood
Max science
Max PI
Max Scanning
4 days off of max production
Gallente Freighters V
skillbooks for rorqual injected but not trained
max reprocessing yield clone
1.3m unallocated skill points
Remap available

90 bil

92b b/o

Kind of new to this. How do you reach the value of appraisal? is it purely off skill injector/extractor prices?

Pretty much, some extra if you have very high standings, gret name etc anything that makes your char stand out. Otherwise injector/extractor as you said.

85b b/o 24h from now, then I withdraw my bid

84b b/o

90 bil

91 bil

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