Price check / speculation (toon D.O.B 6th May 2003)


I was looking to gauge if there would be any interest in an auction for this toon. It does not have much in the way of assets or SP, it’s redeeming quality is that it is a day 1 toon (birth date 6th May 2003)

If we think there’d be a desire for a good bit of auction fun I’ll consider listing him.



:sunglasses: name!

How did you remember the password! :laughing:

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I am interested. Post a skillboard of the character and I will make an offer.

I’ll offer 10 bil subject to the skillboard being linked o/


As I say, not much in the way of SP any more, bunch of books however:



15 Billion ISK

30b I give for him

31 Billion :slight_smile:

32 billion

N + 1 :slight_smile:

34 billion

3 5 B

Morning 36b

3 7 B :slight_smile:


3 9 B

40 billion

Is this character open for offers or is it just speculative?

Good question :smirk:

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