Good afternoon, please rate these ORE characters. Perhaps I will sell them in the future.

Skillboard links:

  1. Kitana Mandela
  2. John Gatling
  3. Nubia Rex
  4. Nebula Moralle
  5. Garrus Primus
  6. Norvick Faun
  7. Kebarik
  8. Noah Orean

I will be glad for your help. Thank you.

Can moderators move my topic to another section?

john gatling 3B

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I will buy Kitana mandela and Nubia Rex for 7 bil let me know.

Check in-game e-mail.

yes sent evemail ingame for Kitana mandela and Nubia Rex

Kitana mandela and Nubia Rex → interested for the same, if that didn’t go let me know isk ready and offer stand for 24hour

fly safe

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