WTS or Price check 2 x Characters

Character (A) 45 million Caldari Tengu + Miner + Perfect Orca Boost + Planetary
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Scooter_Muppet+ Planetary

Character (B) 28 Million Miner + Refiner

Looking for price check Maybe offers Thanks

Both characters have + wallets both docked in jita both have 2 jump clones each

35b for Scooter

55b for both

38b for Scooter
23b for Kura

60b for both

Beekillrz your offer seems ok if no better offers by the end of today that’s ok with me if your offer still stands that is thanks

Sure, Just tell me when youre ok.

ok Beekillrz I accept your offer if you send scooter muppet the isk and account info that you want me to send it too thx
same account for both ?

isk & account send via mail on Scooter for both characters

oK the 2 x Character Transfers are sent to you thanks again

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