WTS or Price check 2 x Characters

(Scooter Muppet) #1

Character (A) 45 million Caldari Tengu + Miner + Perfect Orca Boost + Planetary
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Scooter_Muppet+ Planetary

Character (B) 28 Million Miner + Refiner

Looking for price check Maybe offers Thanks

(Scooter Muppet) #2

Both characters have + wallets both docked in jita both have 2 jump clones each

(Gattanera) #3

35b for Scooter

(Intriguing Stranger) #4

55b for both

(Beekillrz) #5

38b for Scooter
23b for Kura

60b for both

(Scooter Muppet) #6

Beekillrz your offer seems ok if no better offers by the end of today that’s ok with me if your offer still stands that is thanks

(Beekillrz) #7

Sure, Just tell me when youre ok.

(Scooter Muppet) #8

ok Beekillrz I accept your offer if you send scooter muppet the isk and account info that you want me to send it too thx
same account for both ?

(Beekillrz) #9

isk & account send via mail on Scooter for both characters

(Kura Jol) #10

oK the 2 x Character Transfers are sent to you thanks again

(system) #11

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