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I want to streamline how I play. Gonna live agile after move after move. This guy is now surpless to requirements. He isn’t really focussed, he was a mining alt pre mining changes, cyno pilot. Magic 14 is all level 5.

Santoroa Belvar

What should I list as?

Moved to Price Checks.

Thank you. Honestly I couldn’t find it.

Almost 30mil SP
Good mining skills(exhamers,Orca) + magic 14 + some T2 ships + Good Drone skills
so start bit at 21 and buyout at 27.

Thanks Dude. Could you guide me on how the process works after listing on here? I don’t wanna get scammed and never done this before.

Add orca to your post too for better show off.
I baught characters here and i have never sold myself so dont wanna give false info its better u go through forums.

Any seller here can help him ?

Follow the rules in this thread to sell your character.

It is against the rules to scam during character sales, but it is usually the buyer who is at more risk than the seller because they have to send the ISK first. Either way, scams are not allowed and Customer Support will investigate in the event of a scam.

The general way it works is once you find a buyer, they will send the agreed ISK to the character that is for sale. You transfer that ISK to another character of yours, then initiate the character transfer to the account name provided by the buyer. Being responsive and communicating what you’re doing in the thread (i.e.: I received the ISK and account name, the character transfer was initiated on this date at this time) is the best way to avoid issues.

Good luck!

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