Price of Plex - Market intervention Required from CCP

Really? Understanding basic elements a currency is critical. Is ISK a commodity currency? Well…in a way. Players convert time into ISK is how ISK is generally injected into the game. Is it’s scarcity contrived like with a fiat currency or is it absolute? It isn’t absolute, but it is also not quite contrived either. CCP provides the tools people use to farm the ISK, but the rate of farming is dependent on the players. The rate of money creation has been handed off to players.

While this is true, the way CCP has set things up the only way they could do this is in a rather obvious way. Make ratting ships far, farm more effective or the like. Everyone would see it. In a way CCP has kind of tied their hands in terms of money creation. They can’t just go ramping it up and down without anyone knowing.

Looks like 4 mil plex (jita average) this weekend. Purely a psychological milestone, as the inflation ramp still appears to be steady.


I think CCP could buy PLEX with ISK they create for themselves, and report it as income from mining, ratting, etc. If they were careful I doubt anyone in-game would notice.
I haven’t come up with an easy way for them remove ISK, but I haven’t looked. I’d be surprised if they couldn’t figure something out.

I’d be interested to know if that kind of thing was legal in every country though. IIRC Linden Labs had to change some aspects of Second Life due to a new US law, or to the US IRS showing interest. ISK and Second Life’s currency aren’t exactly the same, but the IRS might think they’re close enough :slight_smile:

The big difference between Eve and virtual worlds like SL is that, unlike Eve, in some virtual worlds you can legally convert in-game currency to real US Dollars - many people make a very good RL living out of it, in fact (google ‘Anshe Chung’).
That’s what caught the interest of various tax authorities round the world. I can’t see them taking much interest in what are, to them, ‘toy currencies’ of no actual real-world value.

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  1. As usual, their intervention will probably be by a PLEX sale.

  2. Considering we have reached 1300T of liquid isk and the fact that there are no current vacations, I think it’s normal for the price to rise.

  3. Me and everyone else who stashed lower priced PLEX.

I was a new player back in 2008. There were people who were filthy rich already, so I could have complained about the GTC price or the newly introduced PLEX price.

Instead, I decided I’ll get rich enough, so PLEX price would never be a problem anymore.
Of course, 11 years later the situation has changed, nowaday gamers require instant gratification, they don’t want to work for something, like we, the older players did.

We are slowly becoming a spoiled community, where people demand things of CCP, instead of focusing on the game. People have said over and over again, that PLEX subscription is an option for the rich and should not become a mission for the rest, they can simply subscribe, it’s not that expensive even for the smaller countries.

That being said, I enjoy reading these threads, many people jump in, the usual graphs, hot debates, two sides for PLEX should be high vs low, real life economics being plugged in and you are right/wrong responses.

Every now and then we will see a new thread as PLEX reaches 2.5, 3 mil etc. It is inevitable. And it will. Like @Zahara_Cody said on the market forum: “Get ready for 5 mil plex”.

At 10m isk plex CCP will either introduce nominal charge for in game plex use ie $2 p.c.m or they’ll just make subs mandatory for all omega chars.

PA will not run the eve server at a deficit and their subscription liability is only increasing, 24 months worst estimate.

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It is in my opinion that if you cannot afford to pay for a monthly subscription at 15 bucks a month, this would be the least of your problems, and you should focus on IRL stuff! … also Plex / injectors etc etc are just fine where they are, and with a bit of luck and market adjustments Plex will reach 4 mill each

remember that because you hear people screaming, does not mean there is no silent people.

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They can ,obvious. IMO CCP do not intervene in helping push the price of plex down, but maintaining a constantly, progressive, increase in the price of plex.

Too high for players who want to plex their alts, or their main accounts.
Too low for players who want to buy isk with RM, and for CCP’s short term business economic outcome.

answer above ^

In this scenarios there are some factors related with all this we are talking about:

Botting: is not a problem for CCP business, RMT is the problem for CCP. And botting obviously is a big problem for the game, the community, the honest players…

ISK printing: is not a problem for CCP business, but for the content, the game, the active player, the new player…

IMO most of us love what this game can be, more than what actually is. And we are here making all these ideas keep turning because we are frustrated in some way about what is the game now.

Like player I have the felling that the actual huge pile of mechanics that support the game encourage us to behave like automatons, and I have enough with RL automatic activity.

The cure for this situation is aleatory, unpredictable and chaotic PVE content that will lead to complex and dynamic PVP content, that will make the game an attractive real sandbox again.

CCP, please cease squeezing the players base, do not make more content, but better content and the game will be more attractive an you’ll be utterly rich :wink:

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BS, anyone can afford two cups of coffee a month which is how much it cost to play this game.


Your’e perfectly ignorant. Good Job. Subscribing with plex actually makes CCP more cash than subscribing with cash.

Source :Math

Please, don’t. Plex seems to be a real issue, for the more economically minded hoarders, those that know what all the market entails.

They say it’s ‘market pvp.’ Fine. They are doing spreadsheet combat. Clippy versus… ?

Whatever. They get rich, and… Well, that’s it. They get rich. So what?




Ooh! Balos. Screw Balos. You posted this link, yourself.

Sure, Balos is a jerk. You and Sato are both right. Big deal. Balos is hardly unique.

Balos spotted.


Can you stop now? You can only escalate up to a point and you will always lose.

Give it a rest. There is no point in this, really.


I think the loser here is you. There’s a limit to how often any person or group can get away with

It’s an unpleasant technique used by people who are malicious, stupid, or both.

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Too low, way too low, too many multiboxers and that kinda ■■■■ in the game. Need it to go way higher so that even the big ones start screeching and a good chunk of them go extinct.

Botting is a major factor contributing to players, thus CCPs source of revenue, to stop playing.

ISK printing is an extreme factor in players leaving, both due to burnout of the actual grind as well as being turned of from the game by heavy multiboxers / AFKers / Botters whom regular single or double account players will never be able to catch up with. MANY, not a small amount, but many people leave the game for this reason. Incidentally, all these small people that are leaving are a source of plex, or rather were in case of the ones who left, thus contributing to the current situation.

This is true. At the same time it will eliminate a big chunk of the above mentioned issues, since multiboxing / botting will be much more to do.

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Spot on I’d say. I’m a long-time on-and-off player who logs in just for some space fun, not in order to grind ISK. To me a subscription is an hour of RL work, and some overtime (frequently available) covers a moderate PLEX purchase without me noticing. What I can’t and won’t do is spend hours on hours grinding missions or ratting just to make ISK.

If I want anything more expensive than I can support with the random PvE I dabble in I will sell off some PLEX. And when I’m no longer having fun I’m off to some other game for a few weeks or months, during which I’m not selling any PLEX. Someone who deletes the client and never comes back will ofc never sell any PLEX again.

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I just want to see when the 0.0 farmers will reach the top point on this PLEX Ferris wheel.

You can increase the PLEX price every day to 4M ISK, 5M ISK, 6M ISK. But there should be a point above which even Rorqual multiboxers and botters will not be able to afford the PLEX price, considering the incoming rebalance changes.

I’m doing a set of profitable affairs, but the PLEX price of 2.8-3M ISK was a condition when I bought PLEX from market for SKINS, just for investments, and for a two months subscription. The PLEX price over 3.3M ISK is a dead in game currency for me and I’m motivated to pay with RL cash for subscription only. This is the usable PLEX price for me, based on how is to make the ISK/hour with a single account by doing different PVE activity (including time spent, risks and rewards).

Reddit commemorates the event - it’s now 2 bil per month to play by PLEX.

If you look at The Forge plex price graph for the last 12 months, it flattened out and even declined a bit from last April thru August. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to go up, we could flounder about at this level for a while.