Price of Plex - Market intervention Required from CCP

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i think this guy

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Many, many stable geniuses…

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I’m not sure this works.

Right now it’s 15 dollars for 3 characters but one training. 100% of people would prefer (for the same 15 dollars) to have 3 1-toon accounts that can all be active simultaneously than 1 3-toon account that can’t.

While I make use of my other slots as best I can… i would downgrade every account I have to 1-toon accounts if given the option. Maybe move 1 or 2 of the more useful non-main toons on the accounts to separate 1-toon accounts. I think this would be a huge money loser for CCP.

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What happens when pools of botter isk which stems from broken EULA terms allowed “dirty” money to be traded with legit players become found in paper trails leading a few degrees from a botter or RMT account?
If I bought plex from a botter with a EULA broken term and sold it is the item supposed to even exist in game by the offending original source?
At what end of the paper trail does CCP decide the “isk is washed” and allowed in the game and not. What % of the market is broken EULA transactions from paper trails i wonder :).

I know it makes a a new mess of things but if PLEX rise is causing real players to not afford the new 2bil mark due to tainted isk pools I can’t see how its fair to the real player population left.

Just some out there perspectives on the botter and RMT eula and broken paper trails. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure how CCP can fix the price of Plex unless they flood the market which would then bring down the price of Plex…

CCP could raise the price of Isotopes, but i dont think that will happen either!

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When I started this post I did not think there would have been as much interest as there has been. I’d like to call on ccp’s economic team to comment here or even do a pod cast interview with some of the news groups. Big ask I know but the player base deserves to here from the decision makers within ccp!

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What’s wrong with rising plex prices? So we lose a couple of people who sub off plex, no major loss there.

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I’m all for ccp making money. In fact the more the better as it means they continue to invest in the game. I just think they might make more income if plex was lower. Not sure as we would need to see the economic and financial data.

I just see more than a few not playing due to high plex prices.

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Just as a bit of historical perspective, I did a bit of digging on past prices for 30 days of EVE sub - based on old game time codes, then the original 30-day Plex, up to 2017 when the new miniPlex were introduced.

2007 - 120M
2009 - 275M
2010 - 350M
2011 - 440M
2012 - 560M
2013 - 600M
2014 - 800M
2015 - 1.1B
2016 - 1B (significant slump to 850M mid-year)
2017 - 1.2B before the switch to miniPlex

In pretty much all cases, the year started off with lower price, and rose with some seasonal ups and downs to the highest price in mid-late December. After miniPlex came in, prices went to:

2017 - 1.4B
2018 - 1.5B
2019 - 2B so far

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Note that plex has also had its uses magnified over time, especially in the last year or so with alphas and skill injectors

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Today there is no “ccp’s economic team”

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please listen to this … thank you

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Why would we look at it? It was a long time ago, it is no longer in the CCP…

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he predicted the price of plex to go up over a billion in 2014. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol they don’t have an economic team but nice thoughts

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It is a good assessment of why PLEX is how it is and the man is right there is no right price for PLEX . As long as I or another player is willing to pay more isk for PLEX I’ll get that PLEX and you won’t . At our current rate of development and knowing CCP is no longer making interventions on PLEX market we will easily reach 2.5 bil per PLEX by this year end and 3-3.2 by end of 2020.
Fact is there are alot of people who produce enough isk to be comfortable with those prices and quite a few of them also hoard PLEX now than buy it at a later time for more isk/exhausted time.

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Hopefully plex prices keep rising, i’m sitting on 20k rn :parrotwave3:

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There is no doubt it’ll go up . I’m sitting myself on around 100k and seeking for more.It’s basic function as subscription makes it priceless even if say tomorrow you make plex go from 2 bil to 4 plenty of people will do their best to get it especially if their continued play style depends on it.
Only way to drop it’s price is if EVE went full f2p and you bought premium perks with PLEX but it’ll regain it’s current trend after a dramatic drop and some panic

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Why do people sit on plex?