*Price Reduced* WTS 132m SP -T2Siege/T2Triage/Subcap/support/indie- Auction Female OMG!


(Rush Minerbloom) #1

I’m looking to sell myself to the highest bidder. Born in 2008 with 132+ SP!
Great all around char, 3 races for your capital pleasure, easy to train into super/titan, has legit indie skills that can be polished off or extracted for other uses. Great support skills!

You’ll be the 2nd owner, so not some dirty alt all your friends have tossed around.
-Small respectable corp history
-Clean character “reputation” history

Cap skills- (T2 Triage and T2 Siege)
Perfect level 5 scanning/rigging
T2 cruiser logi
Almost perfect armor, shield and fleet support
subcap pvp

Golden pod! + ship skins including capital and 1337 portrait with gear! So pretty!
3 Remaps Available!
Positive Wallet, Sec status, located in high sec, no kill rights, NPC corp

API verified eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Rush_Minerbloom

Starting: 120B
B/O: Offer me a number I cant refuse
Time: Not in a ‘rush’ but within the next 7 days of this post!
Reserve is in place and I will not be sold for a peanuts, just sweet sweet isk. This is a rare find in a market full of low SP char’s.

WTB New Main Char 170-80 bil Budget
(Rush Minerbloom) #2

Bump it like its hot!

(Ananias Andedare) #4

I will start you off with a 100bil :slight_smile:

(Rush Minerbloom) #5

Worth more then that extracted :D. Thanks for the bump.

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(Rush Minerbloom) #8

Bumpy bumps

(Rush Minerbloom) #9

Bumpy bump! Great toon peoples!

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(Rush Minerbloom) #12

12 more days or I will get extracted :frowning:

(Ethereum Crypto) #13


(Rush Minerbloom) #14

Closing auction, pending private sale.