**SOLD** WTS 109M SP char

Hello Friends,

WTS myself, born 2004, all T3’s, combat skills, fleet skills and excellent missiles and shields skills, great drone and gunnery skills.

Total amount of SP is 109.1M, with 1,088,255 unallocated.

High-grade Halo clone plus Mid-grade Crystal clone shown at skillboard.

1 Remap + 1 Bonus Remap available.

Character location is Jita.

Positive standings, no kill rights, positive wallet, in NPC Corp.

Some of the skills highlights:

  • All types of T3 Subsystems (Loki, Tengu, Proteus, Legion) are at V
  • Leadership V, Shield Command V, Skirmish Command V, Command Burst Specialist V
  • Excellent Shields, 10 important skills at V
  • Armor Mechanics V, Hull Upgrades V, Repair Systems V
  • Light, Medium, Heavy and Repair Drones to V, Sentry and Fighters to IV
  • Excellent Missiles, most important ones at V
  • Most Navigation skills to V, JDO V, WDO V
  • Cybernetics V, Infomorph Synchronizing V, Infomorph Psychology V
  • Industry V, Mining V, Science V, Corp Management V
  • Great Rigging Skills
  • Advanced Target Management V, Signature Analysis V, Long Range Targeting V
  • Great scanning skills, Archaeology V, Survey V, Hacking V

Eve skillboard link:


I’m not in a hurry to sell, will stay for sale until I’m satisfied with the offer.

Starting bid is 60B, B/O is set to 110B

Happy bidding!


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65 bill

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Every ISK I have! (0.6Bil); and much love😁

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That’s a lot more than I have.

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80 bill

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81 bil

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86 billion

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89 bil valid until i buy a toon

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95 billion

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97 billion

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99 billion

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100 bil

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So cute :slight_smile:

Buyout lowered to 110B.

105 bil my max take it pls.

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Since you asked nicely I accept 105 b, send a/c name in-game with ISK and I’ll get it rolling.

account and isk sent

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“We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.”

Alright, nice doing business with you.

Fly dangerously!