He has 29.9 million SP as of the time of writing, skill queue is paused, no implants, 2.9 sec status (positive), located in HS - Amarr, Emperor Family Academy, in a pod. No Kill Rights, 0 isk wallet balance.

All V in armor compensations, can fly T2/3 Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar, Gallente Destroyers, T2/3 Amarr/Gallente Cruisers, has T2 Large Energy Turrets, T2 Small Guns, T2 Med Hybrid/Lasers, T2 Light Drones, nearly all V in Engineering skills, can pilot an Orca and Porpoise (and use T2 Mining Bursts).
Can use T2 armor/shield tank.


He has a collection of SKINS that I paid for, shown here:

20 bil starting bid
24 bil buyout

23b buyout?

23 bil works for me, send account name and isk, will initiate transfer upon receipt and reply here to confirm :slight_smile:

will do after work

isk and info sent

Isk and info received, character transfer started as of 10/13/17 09:24:00 CST

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