Primarc's Emporium (Rare skins, Officer, Abyssal modules)


  • Avatar Crown : 3bil - 1 left
  • Ikitursa All-Stars : 6bil
  • Vedmak Triglavian victory : 3.5bil
  • Hyperion Police : 1.6bil
  • Nyx Police : 2.5bil - SOLD
  • Draugur All-Stars : 1.4bil
  • Erebus Police : 1.4bil
  • Marshal SARO : 2.4bil
  • Nergal All-Stars : 850mil
  • Vedmak Red meatgrinder : 300mil
  • Tengu Ultra Jungle : 150mil
  • Leshak Red meatgrinder : 800mil
  • Vedmak metamateria : 400mil
  • Nyx Inner zone vanguard : 1.1bil
  • Leviathan Kimotoro : 3.5bil
  • Leshak Triglavian victory : 7bil
  • Leshak metamateria : 800mil
  • Erebus Inner zone vanguard : 2.5bil
  • Draugur Niflhel : 3.2bil
  • Barghest convergence : 1bil

Don’t hesitate to PM me about the price of any of the skins not listed above.


  • Cormack’s modified damage control : 50b - SOLD
  • 6 x Thon’s modified torpedo launcher : 2bil each (10bil the 6) - SOLD
  • 2 x Vizan’s modified heavy capacitor booster : 1.7bil each (3.2bil for both) - SOLD
  • Kaikka’s modified co-processor : 700 mil
  • 2 x Tairei’s modified heavy energy neutralizer : 800 mil each (1.5 bil for both) - SOLD

Warp scramblers : PM me for offers

Webs : same

Damage mods : same

Warp disruptor and neutralizers (heavy and medium) : same

Defensive mods (Damage controls, Medium armor repairer, Large shield extenders) :

how much for the neuts, all torp launchers, and boosters?

14 bil

edit: nvm, the torp launchers are a little overpriced for me

EDIT : Cormack DC sold
EDIT 2 : 1 x Crown Avatar skin sold

Did both Crown Avatar skins sell?

Nope, still one left, sorry for misunderstanding

Perfect, so what’s the price?

3bil if it works for you

To the top, bois

Here we go again


And a bump for it

nyx police skin for 2.5?

it’s 3b for sell price on market right now

It’s 3.4bil right now, so I’m alright for 3bil

It’s 3 in Amarr.

Check evemarketer

Yeah, sorry for that, I’ll update the prices shortly

Ok for 2.5bil

Bump, and prices updated (3d ago, but hey)

Bump, some skins put on the market, and only the officer Coprocessor left for purple modules

Is the Nergal All-Stars still available?