Everything is sold

I currently have the following for sale. I am open to offers on all items. Just post your offers here thanks

2X Ragnarok Shakim Warlord Skins (SOLD)

1X Brokara’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer SOLD

1X Cormack’s Modified Co-Processor SOLD

1X Draclira’s Modified Reactor Control Unit SOLD


1 isk for the lot

Serious offers only please…

:thinking: 2 isk?

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chill vro

400m on Brokara’s neut?

1b for warlord skin, contract it

2.25 for all 3 purps?

I would let all three purples go for 3 Billion ISK, As for the Ragnarok skins they are both sold at 1.25 Billion ISK each

how much for the co-pro and RCU only than?

Co-processor is at 2 bill in jita and the reactor control unit it at 900 million (which is mine BTW :slight_smile: . I would let the co processor go for 1.65 Billion ISK and the RCU I would let go for 850 ( I already undercut the market on that by 200 mill)

The Nuet is 500 mill if you are interested which is under market as well

If you take all three tonight I will let them go for 2.9 Billion but that is really the lowest I can go that is more than a fair price

thats a bit steep for the co-pro but if you are willing to do 1.30 for the other two or 2.75 for all 3 we have a deal

Market price might have gone up for the co processor but it would be stupid of me to sell it at old market prices. I am going to hold 2.85 Billion ISK firm. You wont find a better deal than that in this market…

aye just meet me in the middle at 2.8b and we got a deal

I cant I already went bellow where I wanted to be 2.85 Bill is the absolute bottom number

aye contract it over

ok its on its way

Contract has been accepted everything has been sold