Primary/Secondary Medclones

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So, i learned the stations you can medclone in in null space are going away and being replaced with citadels. so what are we gonna do about people who want to medclone in citadels? if it blows up, your basically an instant biomass by logic.

so what I’m proposing as a solution to this problem is primary and secondary medclones. Your primary medclone is the one and only, and you can only set this medclone in NPC stations. Your secondary can be anywhere else. you can choose from the character sheet where you wake up by just toggling between them.

It’s pretty straight forward, not really complicated on paper, how complicated would it be to implement?

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Umm, in that case should be the other way around. Primary on any station/citadel you want and secondary in NPC Station so in case of the primary is not available you go to the secondary.

But there is already a system for that, when you’re Medic Clone rights are revoke or destroy, you get a MedClone Location as subtitude.

(Lukett MyDabb) #3

pretty sure you can’t medclone in citadels period atm.

which one is primary and secondary is negligable, you just get two to cycle from.

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You CAN medclone in citadels =) Of course the citadel needs to have a medclone bay

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My guess is if this is actually something to worry about, you’ll respawn at your school or default npc corp somewhere in HS.

While I’d love to have a second deathclone (would make it so much easier when going on deployment!) I honestly don’t see it being a problem.

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And you need rights to do so, same as now. I think the OP didnt now well all of this.

Anyway, the Idea to pre-select you alternative MedClone location in case of problems with your primary, could be a great idea.

(Scipio Artelius) #7

Your med clone by default switches back to your rookie starter system if there isn’t a reason for it to be somewhere else.

However, you can have jumpclones wherever you want, including in NPC null stations.

So there’s no need for primary/secondary med clones.

If you have a Citadel at risk of being destroyed, just make sure you have jump clones in convenient locations and/or move your medical clone to a different location before the final fight.

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